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Warehouse for finishing materials.

The warehouse for finishing material is place where the finishing materials are placed and kept. The warehouse is needed  by all industries associated with the finishing process. A small finishing workshop might put its finishing materials finishing in the finishing room, but of course it still needs proper arrangement. A finishing material distributor or a big furniture factory will need a bigger room to place and store its finishing materials. This condition of course will require the better system to  arrange the room and the management.

The main principle in the storage finishing materials is that the finishing materials generally  are considered as  hazardous chemicals. Most of finishing materials are flammable and toxic, therefore must be handled carefully. Fire is one of the greatest risks are generated from the finishing material. The big percentage of finishing materials are volatile solvent. The solvent vapor is the same dangerous material with the liquid solvent. Any small spark fire in this room  can generated to big fire.  This solvent vapor when inhaled by the breathing is potential to interfere to the human health. Some finishing materials can also cause health problems if the skin and the human body. 

 the finishing material warehouse should have good air circulation

Here are the things that must be considered in the finishing materials storage

  •  Place the finishing material in special room that is separate from the other building.
A finishing material warehouse is a place material with a high fire risk, since that it should be placed in a room or building that is separate with the other buildings.  Thus, if the accident occurs then the event can be localized in the room and the bigger loss can be avoided. The finishing warehouse  building should be in the place that is easy to be accessed. If there any accident is occurred it can be anticipated easily and quickly.

  • Good air circulation in the room.
The finishing materials in open cans will evaporate and emit the gas of solvent vapor. The gas emissions in the room will make the room become unhealthy place. The room if it is saturated with solvent vapor also becomes high risk of fire hazard. Therefore,  the finishing material room should have a good air circulation. The good  air circulation will avoid the solvent fume saturated air to make the room is healthier and minimized the risk of fire hazard.

  •  The arrangement of material
The materials are stored are always expected to used. The the proper arrangement is necessary to make sure all material can be observed and seen easily. It will minimized the material wastes since the missing material.  Make a good arrangement material according to the type of material and well organize them so all material needed can be found easily.
The finishing materials usually have a certain lifetime, a material which has passed its expiration date will be damaged and cannot be used. Therefore, the finishing materials must be organized in a system that ensure that the first material enter  is the first material out. It will prevent the unused materials due to the  expire. A good calculations to the material needs of daily, weekly or monthly is very important data to guess the amount of material needed.

  • The fire extinguishers.
The fire danger is one of the highest risk in the finishing materials warehouse. Since that the fire extinguisher is a standard facility in this room.  Make sure the room is equipped with adequate fire extinguishers  to anticipate the accident in this room.

  • The proper lighting.
The warehouse finishing materials  also requires adequate lighting. The lighting is necessary to do the proper handling and checking the material.  The enough lighting in the room  is also help in viewing the situation that occurred in the room clearly. Thus if there is anything suspicious , it would be immediately discovered and anticipated before the bigger danger is happened. 

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