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Colonial furniture style

Colonial furniture style is style that follow the furniture in America in the period of 1725 to 1790. The time when American fought to be a new country, independent from the England colony. The colonial furniture is the development from William and Mary, Queen Anne and Chippendale style, the model was already popular before. The colonial style is the simplification of the previous model. The colonial furniture was also highly affected by the furniture in the European. The colonial furniture was more conservative and less ornate than the furniture model in European model in the same period. Most of the colonial furniture was  made based on the furniture from English and French with simplification. Colonial furniture has several characteristics.  While there was a wide diversity in furniture designs, Windsor chairs, wingback and camelback sofas and chairs, and simple Shaker-style furniture were common. Fabrics used in the colonial furniture is including chintz, damask tapestry, needlepoint and crewel. The decorations often took the shape of leaves, flowers, shells, seaweed and oriental designs. The native American wood such as: ash, maple, elm, black walnut and hickory, were commonly used to make the colonial furniture.

windsor chair

Colonial style furniture or
was popularized in the beginning of 20th century. Dr Wallace Nutting  (1861-1941), popularized the “colonial” furniture model, revival of the interest in the early American furniture. The most colonial furniture in this period probably is the model that derived from the Empire style. Brass and ornament which is the characteristic of empire-style is removed and the classical is retained, forming the distinct of American style. The “new” colonial furniture is made from any wood instead of the American native wood. The mahogany solid and veneer are mostly used. 

The colonial cupboard 

the colonial style cupboard

the colonial style bed

The colonial style furniture is still many available in the market today. Many colonial furniture are marketed as the antique reproduction. There are also many furniture model that is based on the colonial style but with some modification.

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