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Dark brown mahogany finish.

Mahogany wood is very popular in the furniture industry. Many furniture in various style is made from mahogany wood. The Chippendale furniture is one of the furniture model that mostly used mahogany wood. This wood has a medium hardness, and quite easy handled in the woodworking industry. Mahogany wood also has nice grain pattern, strong character but with a soft texture. Many finishing model can be generated, the transparent finish with a variety of colors can be produced with very nice appearance. In this post we will write about transparent dark brown color finish for mahogany wood. It is a dark finish but still show the grain pattern of the wood. In this finishing system we use lacquer finish (NC system), all clear coating used are the NC clear coating.
Here is the finishing process step by step

step panel for dark brown mahogany finish
  • Sap stains and equalizer stains
Mahogany wood has a basic color varied from place to place, ranging from the white color in the sapwood to the reddish brown in the heartwood.  To produce finishing look with uniform color then we need to make the wood base is uniform, before apply the overall stain. A brown sap stain is used to coat the wood with light color and the red wood is killed and covered with the green stain (equalizer stain). The sap stain and equalizer is applied by spray selectively to the part necessary until an even and uniform color is obtained. 

stain is applied by spray
  • Application of stain
After a uniform wood base color is obtained, then the next process is the application of stain to the overall surface. The stain is in the dark brown color to bring the light brown mahogany wood to dark brown finish color. The dark brown aniline dye stain is best choices to color the mahogany wood.  Spray stain by wet spray evenly to overall surface. It needs quite thick stain to bring mahogany wood with light brown to the dark brown color. It is better to spray the stain in 2 or 3 layers instead of use too thick stain and spray 1 layer. The too strong stain is rather difficult in controlling the application and gets the even staining result. Apply stain by 2 layer wet spray and let it dry for few minutes.

  • Wash coat application
The application of wash coat is to coat and protect the stain before glaze application. Wash coat applied by spray evenly to the entire surface. Wait for about 20 minutes until the wash coat is dry. Scuff sanding the wash coat when it is dry to cut the stiff wood fibers to obtain the smooth wood surface. 

glaze is wiped and brushed
  • Glaze application.
Glaze was applied to fill and color the inside grains and pores.  A dark brown glaze (van dick brown glaze) is applied by brushed on the surface. Do some highlight with steel wool to enhance the beauty of the grain and pores. Wait until the glaze is dry, it needs about 1 hour to let the glaze is dry. 

 highlight the glaze
  • Sealer application.
The sealer is layered on the glaze to protect the glaze and prepare the smooth surface before top coat application. Apply the sealer to the entire surface application be wet spray evenly to allover the surfaces. Wait for about 30 minute to let the sealer dry and then do sanding to produce a smooth surface. Sand the sealer with # 280 stearated sandpaper to provide the smooth surface.  
  • Application of second glaze
The glaze is applied by brush to fill in the carving, crevices, gap, to make more "life look" and enhanced the form of the furniture product.  It also to burnish the edges to make more antique impression of the product. 

 dry brush glaze
  • 2nd sealer application.
The second sealer is applied to protect the second glaze and to give more film built of the finish. The sealer is applied by evenly spray to overall surface. Let it dry for 45 minute and sand with #280 sandpaper.  

the dark brown mahogany finish
  • The application of top coat.
Top coat is the finishing material to provide the final film layer to protect the underneath finish and forming the finishing gloss. The semi gloss top coat is used to this finish. Top coat with 45 sheen top coat is applied by wet even spray to this finish. Let the top coat dry for at about 1 hour and check the result. If a smooth surface final finish is obtained, then the finishing process is done, but if the surface is still rough then another layer of top coat is needed. 

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