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Antique texture finish for iron furniture.

Now there are lot of furniture  products are made from iron. The iron furniture also requires a proper  finishing to complete its appearance. There are many model finishing for the metal furniture. In this article I share about the antique texture finish. The finish is used for the indoor metal furniture in combination with teak wood. The furniture is used for indoor used, all the finishing here is The NC system. All the clear coating and the stain used in this finish are the NC based material.

  The step panel for antique metal finish

Here is the finishing process step by step.

The metal primer is applied by spray
  • Application of metal primer coat
Primer metal coating is a coating layer that is used to cover the iron. The metal coating is mainly used to cover the metal surface and prevent the corrosion. This layer also serves to build better adhesion between the metal with the NC coating applied thereon
The primer metal is sprayed evenly to paint the overall metal surfaces. Let it dry for few minutes.

Texture paint is applied by brush

The texture effect
  • Texture paint
In this finish, i used the texture effect to make the more antique looked and more life impression. The texture paint is applied by brush to the overall surfaces. The texture paint should be applied carefully. The texture pattern will determine the finishing looked resulted. Applied the texture paint randomly but consistently to make the texture effect evenly blend and balance on the overall surface.
Let the texture paint to dry. The texture paint is thick material, so it need quite long time to dry. It takes about 2 hours to let texture paint dry.
Check the texture pattern, if necessary the texture paint application can be repeated to make to get the proper effect. The additional texture paint application on some part is also can be done. The dry texture paint will result a rough surface since the sharp from the texture edges. A good sanding is needed to the texture to reduce the sharpness of the texture effect to make the smooth surfaces.

 Red base coat
  •  Base coat application
Base coat is the paint to make the base color of the finish. A red macron NC base coat is sprayed evenly to cover the texture paint. Let it for about 1 hour to dry.

The gold paint is sprayed evenly on the overall surface

The gold paint is highlighted with sandpaper
  • Applications of gold paint
Gold paint is used as the second color to make the antique effect. The gold paint is sprayed evenly to the surface. Then do sanding to the gold paint to make highlight for the color. The sanding will remove the gold paint on the top of texture and make the red color of base coat come trough. The color resulted is the combination between the read base and the gold paint. The color combination will make more life finishing looked and enhance the texture effect.

 Glaze is dry brushed to make more antique looked
  • Dry brush glaze
The glaze is used to add the antique effect. Glaze is brushed on some part to darken the edges and make the dirty looked and dark effect. 

The antique metal finish

The antique metal furniture finish
  • Top coat application.
The top coat is used as the the last layer of the finishing to protect the finishing and also to make the finishing gloss.  The 10 sheen NC top coat is sprayed evenly to the overall surface. Let the top coat for few hour to dry. 

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