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Dehumidifier Room to Maintain the Wood MC

All the wood used in woodworking industry should be dried to fulfill the standard moisture content. The moisture standard of the wood is following the humidity in the area where the furniture will be used. Since that the furniture industry must have facility to ensure its wood to be dry. The kiln dry of course is very important facility; it is used to release the moisture in the wood until it fulfill the standard moisture content. The other facility that is needed in the furniture factory to ensure the wood keep in dry condition is the humidifier room. 
Dehumidifier is a room that is used as a place to store all the dry timber before being used in the production process. The humidifier is designed to keep the wood pieces inside dry and stable. This dehumidifier is a room equipped with air circulation facility to control the humidity. The low capacity air heater could be needed in the humidifier to control the temperature. The air temperature needed in the humidifier room is not as high as the kiln dry air temperature.  The temperature adjustment in the humidifier is also more simple than the kiln dry. The temperature in the dehumidifier is only work to keep the wood m.c. is constant in certain number. 
The dehumidifier room is needed by the furniture factories especially when it is located in the humid area. It is needed when he make furniture products that is sent to another area that have different (lower) humidity. For example, the furniture factory in Indonesia that make its furniture products to be sent to the Europe or America will need the humidifier room. Indonesia is a tropical country which has relatively high humidity, while the European and American is the area which has relatively low air humidity.
The wood used in the woodworking  industry, of course, should be oven to dry. The wood pieces come out from the oven usually has low moisture content  (10% or less). These wood pieces could be directly brought into the production room to be processed to make furniture. But there some of wood that are need to wait, since the production schedule. If the waiting time is quite long, then it could be problem cause the wood moisture content. The dry wood that is put in the outside air will absorb the water from its air environment until it,s moisture content  reach the balancing with its environment. If the humidity area is high then the wood moisture content will raise, if the humidity is low then the wood moisture content may drop until a balance with the environment is achieved. In this situation you need the dehumidifier room to keep the wood moisture content stable when the dry wood pieces are stored. 
This dehumidifier room is also can be used to store the other hygroscopic materials such as: M.D.F., particle board, veneer, etc. They are the materials that are used to support the furniture industry also need to fulfill the standard moisture content. That material usually are dry when it purchased but if they improper kept, they will absorb the water from its environment. 

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