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The gazebo bamboo

Gazebo is a small building as a small house that is used as a place of rest in the outdoorThe gazebo is usually placed in the park, front yard, back yard or other open places area. Gazebo is also often used as the part of a public area as a place of rest and shelter. Although the gazebo can be built from a variety of building materials, but mostly gazebo are made from the natural materials. The natural materials such as wood or trees of course is more suited to build a gazebo which is purposed to get the natural atmosphere. One of the materials used to make the gazebo is bamboo.
Bamboo is one of the substrate favored by many people to make the gazebo. Bamboo as a natural material has many advantages such: relatively inexpensive, easy to be sourced, easy to be handled and has a unique appearance and form make it is very suitable for manufacture the gazebo. With the proper design and the correct processing, the bamboo can generate an attractive gazebo. 

bamboo gazebo

Bamboo tree that is formed in tubes can be used to make the frames with  nice and unique appearance. Bamboo can also be cut and sliced to make woven boards that can be used to build a wall, door or floor. The wall from the woven bamboo can provide an ideal room as a place of rest. The walls can withstand the heat from the sunlight but still let air flow in the room. The bamboo wall will provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Woven bamboo can also be used as a floor in the room with many advantages that cannot be obtained with other materials. Woven bamboo is a flexible material,  act such as mattresses, provide a pleasant place to lie down or sit down. The plaited bamboo as a cushion does not need foam inside such as the fabric. Bamboo mat is easy to be cleaned and more hygienic. Unlike the sponge and fabric mat, the bamboo mat is a non porous material so it does not hold dust. Woven bamboo can also give the cool and comfortable sensation for the skin.

The processing and handling of bamboo.

Although the bamboo gazebo has many advantages, but it certainly need the correct  way of processing and handling to produce a high quality gazebo. Bamboo as natural substrate also has some disadvantages that must be anticipated. One of the most serious problem in the the bamboo is the  insects attacked.  Bamboo is susceptible material  to the insect attacked, since then it  should be treated appropriately. The ancient society prevent the insect problem by cutting bamboo at the appropriate season. This method is proved to be very effective, the traditional houses of bamboo can last up to many years without any insect attacked. But at this time this method is difficult to be done. The industry requirement has forced the bamboo logging every time. Therefore, the industrial bamboo plan now is using anti insect chemical to fight the insect attack. But the uses of anti-insect chemical should be done carefully since it may pollute the bamboo and the environment.
Bamboo also must be dried before
it is used. Although the  gazebo construction has a relatively flexible and can accept the slight movement,  but of course  the bamboo must be dry when it assembled. The wet bamboo will be high risk for many problems such as crack, finishing problem  and mold.

The finishing for bamboo gazebo.

Usually bamboo can produce an attractive appearance without any finishing layer on it. Most of the gazebo are marketed and used naturally. But of course you can also do the finishing process on this product to make more attractive appearance. The finishing with transparent colors featuring the natural beauty of bamboo is the most preferred. Clear coating applications with light stain or no stain is the most popular choice for the bamboo gazebo. The finishing with solid colors with the right colors and materials can also be an good option with  interesting looked.
One very important thing to be considered is that the gazebo is always placed in outdoors. Since that the  finishing used should be able to withstand the outdoor weather. The stain and clear coating used has to be the special type for outdoor uses. PU outdoor, spar varnish, outdoor water based clear coating with the outdoor stain  are the appropriate finishing material to finish the bamboo gazebo. 

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