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Hanging conveyor in the furniture industry

There are many kinds of finishing line that can be used in accordance with the type of production in the furniture factory. One of them is the hanging conveyor finishing line. It is a finishing line that  uses hanging to hold and bring the work pieces while the finishing process is done. Hanging conveyor is the finishing facility that is required by big furniture factory especially the mass product factory. In the big volume job, the hanging conveyor finishing line helps to run the finishing process continuously with better controlled, organized and targeted time

The hanging conveyor is more suitable in the furniture factory that make products with small size and requires a finishing layer on the entire surface. The finishing process for small items and component's  products such as: baby crib,  bunk beds, rattan furniture, chair, metal furniture, is more suitable with hanging conveyor . Hanging conveyor is very to effective to do the finishing layering with 1 time application

Hanging conveyor with electrostatic spraying equipment

The use
s of hanging conveyor in the finishing process is usually in conjunction with the electrostatic spraying equipment. It is a good choice to do the finishing process to small objects especially the metal furniture at which the electrostatic spray gun can work optimally. The electrostatic spray gun help the application of finishing material can be done quickly and efficiently. And the hanging conveyor help to hold the object while it is sprayed in its overall surface. 

Hanging conveyor  with powder coating

Hanging conveyor finishing line is very ideal to be used the with powder coating system. Powder coating system that coat its object surface entirely always need the hanging conveyor to hold its working pieces. The hanging conveyor with the powder coating is commonly found in the finishing process in the metal products. The powder coating that  work at high temperature  (more than 100 Celsius) of course is not recommended for the wood finishing

Hanging conveyor with a conventional spray gun

In the wood or rattan furniture factories, the uses of hanging conveyor with conventional spray gun is also lot found. The hanging conveyor is an effective tool to assist the finishing process for furniture products with small sizes. The small item such as: table legs, chairs, baby crib, small panels can be hung and sprayed its entire surface simultaneously. The ideal concept is when  the system use the electrostatic spray gun to do the coating,  but the electrostatic equipment often does not work in the wood finishing. The wood that is not good conductor material has prevented the electrostatic equipment to work optimally.  Since that the hanging conveyor in the wood finishing is also lot uses with the conventional spraying equipment.

The consideration  in uses of  hanging conveyor.

The type and volume of
job is always the primary consideration in the selection to buy the facilities in every factory. The hanging conveyor is more suited to assist the finishing process to the objects with small size (lightweight).  The objects  will be attached in the hunger that move automatically while they are processed. The objects with  large and heavy will be hard to be hung. Although there are hanging conveyor that is designed to carry the heavy objects, but the operators will find difficulties in doing the job in the big object. For example:  the sanding on flat objects can be done using sanding machine on a pallet conveyor easily, but it will be very difficult to be done in a hanging conveyor.
The hanging conveyor that runs automatically is also better suited for the simple finishing job. A simple finishing that requires few layer of stain or clear coating by spray application will be greatly assisted by the hanging conveyor. But for the complex finishing jobs that require many hands works such as: antique finish or special finish is not suitable  with this line. The hanging object tend to sway with low instability and make the handwork is become difficult.

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