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Hepplewhite furniture style

G. Hepplewhite is one of the famous British furniture maker in the 18th century. Together with Thomas Chippendale and Thomas Sheraton they filled the furniture history at the era in Britain.  Its popularity even spread to all over the world and is still remain until today. There are Hepplewhite furniture can be found a in the market as the antique reproduction antique with or without modifications. His design ideas that is written in his book "The Cabinet maker and upholstery Guide's”  is still used as reference by the designer until now. 

The Hepplewhite design furniture is cannot be separated with the Chippendale style and other model that evolved at that time, since they influenced each other. In general, the Hepplewhite furniture are simpler, with the serpentine's curve, straight and rectangular foot spades or a tapered arrow leg. For the chair he use open, low, shield-shaped back seat with no upholstery, shorter arm with more curved.
The Hepplewhite cabinet is characterized with its designs were more curvilinear in shape and well balanced. Bracket feet are common on heavier pieces, such as: chests, desks and bookcases. The paint or inlay ornamentation are most used as the attractiveness looked. The mahogany wood is still mostly used, but there are also lots of Hepplewhite furniture are made from many other species. The maple, satin, sycamore, tulip, and rosewood and veneer are mostly used in combination in the Hepplewhite furniture. 

 Hepplewhite bed

Hepplewhite sofa

Hepplewhite chairs

Hepplewhite style furniture

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