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Finishing for wood doors

The door is part of the house that most are made from wood. The wood door usually need finishing layer as other wooden product. The good finishing layer will provide protection and enhance the beauty of the door. Finishing for the door is actually very similar to the other wooden products, but because the door has a unique position and function then he needs different touch.
The door is part of the house, it is attached at the house wall. Since that the finishing of the door should blend with the color and looked of the wall. Usually the finishing process for the door is done together with the finishing process for the overall house. Finishing the doors when it is hung at the wall can be more complicated since the house condition restriction, but it will easier to match and blend with the overall house finishing looked.
Doors can also be finished separately since it also can be dissembled. Doors that are made in the factory that products door in large amount are finished separately with the house. In this situation, the finishing process can be done more handily, but with it has to be consistent because the products will be sold as a mass product.

Finishing materials for the door.

Finishing materials for this door is the same with finishing materials to the other wood product. But because this door is
used as a wall then it usually needs stronger material. The doors that is  mounted on the outer wall, then it should be regarded as exterior product. And the finishing materials used should be the finishing materials for exterior uses. Outdoor water base, outdoor PU, spar varnish or outdoor oil can be used.
Meanwhile the finishing to the door at the indoor wall can be done with more choices.  Almost all finishing materials can be used; lacquer finish, AC, PU, ​​water based finish, oil finish or even wax finish can be used. The door in the room is also can be finished  with special colors. The gilt finish, antique finish, paint finish and other complex finish can be used . 

finishing for the assembled door

Finishing at the door already

Finishing at the door is often done
when  the door has been installed in buildings. The finishing  will be able to better adjust to the model of the buildings and walls. The finishing looked and color will be more unified with the appearance of the overall  building. But the finishing process performed somewhat more limited due to the difficulty of process. We certainly cannot have complete facilities such as the finishing room. We may be able to bring some tools such as: spray gun, compressor, sanding machines into the house, but of course it is still limited compare with the finishing room facilities.
If the house is occupied
then the finishing process is more limited. The finishing materials application should be safe and not too disturbing to the residents. Application with a brush, wiping or padding may be the best choice since it won’t leave dust spray to the room. The spray application if used will create dust spray then we need to cover the floors, walls and other stuff in the house before do the finishing process. 

Finishing the uninstall door

Finishing to the
uninstalled door .

to the door separately that can be carried out with more choice in process. The door could be uninstall and be brought to a finishing shop which has more complete facility to do the finishing process. The finishing process in a special door factory door can be done with the special equipment and facilities.  The line can be designed to do the process as well. The door factories which is make the door products can use the special machines and line to apply the finishing material quickly and efficiently. The flat and simple door can be finish with flat line finishing machines such as: roller coater or curtain coater. Some factories use the flat line machine in combination with the manual spray equipment. The water based roller coat or the UV sealer coat which is fast and cheap are used as the first sealer or base coat, then followed with spray application to give better finishing looked and color.  

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