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Lamp for inspect the wood before finishing

The preparation of at the unfinished wood product is very important in the furniture manufacturer process. The problem in unfinished wood must be recognized and corrected before the finishing is started. The wood problem that is going trough the finishing process is wasting time and costly. To minimize this problem then the proper checking and inspection is needed at the unfinished product. The proper checking will minimize the wasting time, finishing material and energy by the rework caused by the problem of the unfinished wood.
In fact, the inspection in the unfinished wood is considered difficult work. The glue splotchy and the sanding problem are invisible and very difficult to be found in unfinished condition. Those problems are often being found in the staining process. The revision should be done by re sanding the stained wood. It means that we have to erase stain and re do the staining process. It could be big wastes especially when we consider the big volume job. In big furniture factory there could be hundred pieces furniture are processed and we have to find the better way to work more efficient.

  lamp is mounted in the in the veneering machine 

There are some method can be done to do better inspection in the unfinished wood. (You can view it in our previous articles: the sanding inspection). One way to help the inspection is by using lamp for the checking. A lamp can be used to light the wood and help the human eye to find any problem is there. 

The lamps for inspection 

Lamp lot help in the furniture including in checking and inspection for the product. There are various lights that can be used to help check on unfinished wood. 

  working lamp to inspect the unfinished chair

  • Working lamp.
It is a portable lamp that can be hold and moved easily by hand. It is should be small size so it is easy to be moved to direct the beam to the desired sections. The beam can be focused on the inspected part without dazzling the operator. It is more effective tool a big lamp that tends to spread his ray and blind the operator.  This lamp is actually a regular tube lamp but since it can be brought near to the desired section he could help peoples to view the desired part more clearly.

This lamp is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at appliance stores. Some people even choose to make his own. The tool can be made by equip a handle to the regular fluorescent lamps and provide a long cable, enable it to be brought closer to the product.

spot light lamp in the sanding process

  • Spot lights.

The spotlight is another light that is proved very helpful to do checking on furniture factory. Many furniture factories use the spotlight in some stages to help production process.  The spotlight also can be focused to light the product and help to view better to the furniture product. The sanding, glue problem and some other defect such as small holes, dents or scratches can be viewed clearly with this lamp.  
The lamp could be a portable lamp, but since it is usually put in a stand. The spotlight is a big watt lamp, so it will generate heat when it lighted on. The hot lamp is reduce the flexibility to be hold and brought in long time.  

Safety in the using lamp in the furniture factory.

Although the use of this lamp is very helpful, but it must be properly cared. Lighting is an electrical appliance who risk to generate sparks. Every light in the furniture production has to be treated carefully. Each connection must be properly designed and made ​​in the closed circuit. Do proper maintenance and regular cleaning to the lamp and the other electricity circuit and equipment.
It is better to place the lamp should be placed in the sanding area instead of the finishing room, since the finishing room full with finishing materials and solvents which are inflammable. 

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