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Rustic finished (textured wood )

Rustic furniture style is a furniture which illustrate the simplicity and natural looked. The rustic furniture usually displays uniqueness in the form of the irregular shape and accentuates the natural. The simple model and natural impression is the main added value. Rustic furniture does not need thick and complicating finishing layer. What he need is maximizing and enhancing the natural beauty of wood as the main selling point. Some of rustic furniture is built from natural materials that are unique, old and rustic. But there are some mechanical or chemical manipulation can be done to produce a rustic looked wood.

rustic furniture

In this article i want to share the rustic finish by a wire brushing technique. Wire brush cab be done on the wood surface to produce an irregular textured wood surface such a damaged (rustic) wood. The texture created is depending on the grain pattern and the hardness variation in the wood surface. Brushing wire technique is more suitable for use on wood with deep texture grain such as:  mende, teak, oak, etc. In the deep grain wood the brushing will produce an irregular texture along with  the grain pattern, but in the flat wood it tend to make regular pattern that may be looked as and artificial made.
The resulting texture is a unique shape and be the main strength of the finishing look. The finishing layer applied thereon work to enhance the natural and rustic impression. A textured wood also can be let in the unfinished condition. But with the proper application, the glaze, dusty wax or latex paint will strengthen existing texture appearance to enhance the rustic and natural looked.  Wash finish or dusty appearance finish with a thin film coating is very suitable finish to strengthening the textured wood without leaving the impression of natural and rustic.
Here is the finishing process.

 wire brush tool

brushing to make texture
  • Wire Brushing
The wood surface is brushed with a wire brush to open the grain and create the grain texture. You need a special wire brush to do it. The tool is made of a wire brush that is mounted on a grind machine or drill machine. When the machine is turn on, the wire brush will spin and do brushing to make the texture. There are several type of brush that can be used, each of them will give different texture effect. 
Run the machine and spin the wire brush to the wood surface along with the grain. The wire brush will create irregular texture that is looked natural and rustic. The texture pattern depends to the pattern of the grain, the variation of the hardness in the wood and also how you un tool. The stronger you suppress the brush the deeper the texture is formed.

 rustic finish step panel
  • Sealer application.
Sealer is needed to give protection to the wood and make smooth surface. Apply a layer of sealer by spray wet to the surface overall. Let the sealer dry and do sanding on the sealer to make smooth surface.
  • Glaze application.
The glaze is purposed to fill in the wood texture and enhance the texture. Brush or spray the glaze evenly, let it dry slightly and then remove the glaze on the top surface and leave the glaze inside the texture. A glaze with white or color, or grey color to mimic dust looked will make an old, rustic impression finish. You can also use a special glaze such as duty wax, or powder glaze to make better dusty looked.
A latex paint also can be used to fill in the texture wood. Brush a white or grey latex paint to the entire surface, let it dry. Once it dry, rub the latex paint to remove the latex paint in the outside part and let the latex paint left inside the texture.
  • Top coat application
Top coat is needed to protect the glaze. To keep the natural impression then you should avoid too thick film layer. You need to thin the top coat little bit and spray wet coat on the glazed wood. Spray two layer top coat to make an even and wet coat.
  • Wax application.
The texture of the wood will produce a rough feel on the surface when it is touched. To make smoother feel you can apply wax on the finish. Do a scuff sanding to cut the stiff wood fiber to get the roughness rid off. To produce a smooth impression, a wax can then be applied as the last layer. Apply a paste wax with natural color at the final step to make the smooth feel without change the finish color.

5 comments for "Rustic finished (textured wood )"

  1. there is need to take care of the furniture because it get rusted very soon, and one more extra care that the buy furniture from such showroom that offer after services or care services as well, buy Kids Bedroom Furniture from the online furniture showroom.

    1. Yes agree.

      The texture furniture will make some diffficulties in handling since its texture.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. A demand for rustic furniture has been on the uptick lately, partly because of a growing appreciation for the Earth's limited natural resources. Also, many reclaimed wood furnishings are not only functional, unique and gorgeous; they also are an example of re-purposing a natural resource which appeals to the ecologically-minded buyer.

    1. The rustic furniture is always associated with the eco furniture. And it is one of the selling ponit of this product.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I agree that rustic furniture is a good choice for adding an extra elegance to our outdoor and indoor d├ęcor.