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Waterbased roller coater for wood finishing

Water based roller coater is a modern machinery for the coating application. It is a very good  machine to do the finishing process on the flat panel products. This machine can do the finishing to the large volume job on the flat surfaces, with very high efficiency and high speed. This machine uses roller to coat the coating to the surface. It does not generate dust spray so it can produce high efficiency application, the material transfer much higher then the spray application. The water based roller coater is also always equipped with oven. The boards that has been coated with paint will be immediately passed to the oven, out from the oven the paint layer is dry and ready to go to the next process.
The principle of the machine actually is very similar to the roller application to apply the paint on the wall of house or fence that we often do. But by the machine the process is done automatically by a mechanical arrangement. This tool has a rotating roller and the board is passed through the roller when paint coating to the surface. The panel that has been coated with paint then is passed to an oven to dry. The water base finishing materials commonly applied by this tool are: water based sealer, water based top coat, water base coat or water based filler. There could be some other material applied by the roller machine such as UV coating or glue, but they will need the different setting.

 water based roller coater

How to set the machine.
The machine is equipped with several tools that can be set to adjust the finishing materials application according to the desired results. They are: liquid pump, oven, conveyor, the doctor roll and the roller. There are could be some more equipment such as the smoother to push the filler in the filler application, the roll could be single roller or double and there could be some units in a machine line.

The equipments in the machine are:
  • Pump material is a tool to flow the material coating from the bucket shelter to the roller to let the material wet the roller.
  • The oven is a hot room to accelerate the drying process of the paint.
  • Conveyor is the tool used to carry the panels or boards to walk through the machine where they are coated.
  • Doctor roll is the roll (usually made off metal) to support the roller coater.
  • Roller coater is the roller to apply paint to the surface.
How to run the water based roller machine.
  • Prepare the panels to be coated. Make sure the panels are flat and sanded well. Check the thickness of the board. Boards should be flat and smooth with uniform thickness in every parts. The roller will coat the panel evenly on the flat surface. The variation in thickness will result to the uneven paint application. The wide belt sander to calibrate the surface is very important tool to prepare the surface.
  • Turn on the oven to the desired temperature. The temperature may be vary according to the coating material but usually is about 80 C to 100 C. 
  • Prepare the water based coating materials. Put the coating into a bucket, agitate it and check the viscosity compare to the standards required. On a cold room conditions, sometime we have to warm the paint to meet the required viscosity.
  • Wet the roller with water and turn on the coater roll and doctor roll. Adjust the distance between the rollers with the doctor roll, and set the speed of rotation both rollers. Pump the coating material to flow into the roller to let it wet the roller evenly. Adjust the distance between the roller with the doctor roll, the bigger distance between the doctor roller and the coating roller will result to the thicker material layered, otherwise the closer the distance between the rollers will decrease the coating layer. The thickness of the material applied can also be done by setting the rotation speed of the roller and doctor roller. The slower roller rotation will produce a thicker coating.
  • Adjust the distance between the conveyor with the roller. This setting is based on the thickness of the board. Conveyor and the roller should be close enough to make the passed board is evenly coated with the paint.
  • Set the conveyor speed. Conveyor speed is set based on oven temperature and drying time needed by the paint according to the oven temperature. The higher temperature will incense the drying time and let the conveyor run faster.
  • Do trial with some panels. Enter some panels trough the machine and observe the results. We may need to do some trial to find the best setting according to the finishing required.

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