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Wood parquet floor

Wood parquet flooring is a floor that made from small pieces of wood assembled together. The parquet can be arrange in many geometric patterns to give the beautiful looked. These pieces are usually made from hardwoods with natural beautiful looked such as oak, walnut, maple, cherry, etc. Wood parquet is special since it gives natural wood fell but with more impressive appearance by arrangement of the pieces.

The advantages of the wood parquet
  • Varied in appearance
Wood parquet give more variety of patterns and designs. The floor can be design from classic herringbone and chevron patterns to more modern and eccentric patterns. This allows homeowners to customize their floors to their desired interior design style.
  •  more stable.
Wood parquet made from laminated pieces of wood is a relatively stable board. Small pieces of wood will generally be drier than large pieces of wood. With proper gluing and arrangement the board will also more homogenous then the solid wood. That make the wood parquet for wood floor is more stable and stronger than the wood.
  • inexpensive
Wood parquet is made from small pieces of wood which are cheaper than large pieces of wood. with proper process and arrangement the parquet usually can be manufactured with cheaper price then the solid wood floor.

 Walnut for flooring parquet

Finishing for wood floors.

The wood flooring also requires a proper finish to make it life longer and to enhance its beauty. The finishing for wood floor must be special. The finishing layer must be strong enough to withstand the burden of any objects placed thereon, and also hold all the activities conducted thereon. Some peoples prefer to use the unfinished wood. Some wood have a nice looking and strong enough to be used as floor in unfinished condition. But the finished wood will be more robust and secure. The finishing layer will protect the wood surface to the collisions and friction received. Finishing layer also will cover the wood pores and grains to make it be more stable. The wood movement caused by the fluctuations of wood moisture content will be minimized with the finishing layer.
Yet of course the finishing layer should be strong enough to let the floor perform its functions. The finishing layer should have high resistance to the abrasion, chemicals, water, heat and solvent. The finishing materials that are often used to finish the wood floor are: floor varnish, PU, ​​AC and UV coating. 
  • Floor varnish.
It is the finishing materials with the most easy to be applied. This material is a special varnish that is designed to be used as a finishing to the floor. It is stronger material then the furniture varnish. It is a traditional finishing that can be applied by brush. The spray application can be used. The floor varnish is a good choice to finish the wood floor when the spray application is difficult to be done. It can be used to re coat the faded wood floor. (see our previous post: varnish for wood finishing)
  • Acid curing coating
Acid curing clear coating ca be used to finish the floor, even the uses is not lot. Acid curing coating is a thermosetting that has high resistant o the scratches, water, chemicals or solvents. Acid curing clear coating can produce hard film layer to withstand the activities received by the floor. But the uses of acid cuing clear coating is less since of the issues about the formaldehyde gas emissions. Actually with the latest technology, the acid curing material can be produced with less gas emission, but the people sentiment make the uses of acid curing is less now. See our previous post: acid curing clear coating
  • Polyurethane
PU is quite popular to be used to finish the wood floor. PU is a finishing material tht is dry with chemical reaction. It will produce a strong film, resistant to scratches, chemicals and solvents. PU can be applied by spray; some types of PU can even be applied by brush. Therefore, it can be applied to the floor that has been installed. (See our previous article: Polyurethane clear coating)
  • UV coating 
UV coating is the most ideal finishing material for the wood floor. The UV coating is mostly used to do the finishing in the flooring parquet industry. UV coating can build the hard and strong film layer. Its resistant is better than the AC or PU.  However, this material cannot be applied to the floor that is already installed. UV coatings can only be dried by UV oven lamp that cannot be installed in the house. The UV coating is the first choice to finish the wood floor in the flooring parquet factories. It is very fast and efficient to finish the flooring.
If necessary the UV coating film can be re coated with AC, PU or varnish. See our previous article: UV clear coating.

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