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Barecore, the cheap wood panel

Barecore is intermediate product in the modern woodworking industry. Barecore is a wood panel made from pieces of wood that is glued and laminated together. As wood laminated board barercore is produced and marketed with standar plywood size 2400 mm length x 1120 mm widh. Barecore in the woodworking industry is used as interior (core) to make panels for finish product such as: furniture, cabinets, flooring or other woods panel products. Barecore is an ideal core substrate for the plywood or wood veneer panel. Barecore is another alternative to replace the m.d.f. or particle board in the woodworking industry. Wood veneer from the exotic wood such as can be laminated on the barecore in the one side or both side to make wood veneer plywood. The other material such as: decorative paper, vinyl or melamine also can be attached on the barecore panel to make engineered panel. If needed, the layer of slice wood also can be used to make wood panel with more wood looked appearance. Compared with the  m.d.f. or particle board the barecore has some advantages. It is stronger, light and more wood looked. With the right process and selection of wood materials the barecore is cheap and stable. The barecore with thicker size is also can be used to make wood component.

sengon wood for barecore

Sengon wood to make barecore 

Although barecore can be made from pieces of wood from t
he wastes from other woodworking industry, but most barecore factories produce its product with special wood. The Sengon wood is the most used to make barecore. Sengon which is inexpensive, light, and easy to be handled, is very ideal to make barecore. The sengon wood is has very short life time. With a suitable climate and the right plantation system, the timber can be harvested at about 6 year age. The culvitation of the senogn wood is easy make the wood is abundant. Some areas in Indonesia such as: Magelang, Temanggung and Wonosobo are the well known as sourced of the sengon timber. In this area there are many sengon barecore or plywood and industries as well as the sengon plantation.

the advantage of sengon wood barecore:
  • Lightweight: 
Sengon wood is lightwood. The sengon barecore is lightweight that makes the material easier to transport and reduces the overall weight of furniture and the panel resulted.  
  • Inexpensive
Sengon tree grow verry fast, it can be harvested in about 6 - 7 year age. The wood is inexpensive much more cheaper then other wood such as teak or mahogany wood. Barecore panels are also more cost-effective compare with solid wood panel. Panel made from barercore with premium wood veneer will make the beautiful wood panel with less prices then solid wood. 
  • Structural Stability: 
Wood barecore is made from the wood pieces that are glued and laminated. With proper gluing it offers good structural stability and resistance to warping and bending. 
  • safe from insect 
Sengon wood has high resistant to the wood bug. Naturally the wood has chemicals that prevent the wood beetle bug that make the wood free from wood bug. 

The process to make barecore is very simple. The wood from log is cut and dried. The the wood pieces in the similar sizes are laminated and glued together to form wide and big panels. The size of the barecore is usually the similar size with plywood, m.d.f. or particle board although any other special size are also can be produced. As other woodworking product, the drying of the wood is very important. The wood pieces must be completely dry before laminated. The m.c. timber 8% is recomended. The gluing process and the environtment condition may bring the mc or the barecore product to about 10 %. But the higher moisture content is should be avoided since the risk of the wood movement. 
The drying process for the wood for barecore can be done quickly. The wood for barecore does not require very good quality such as wood for furniture industry or other woodworking industries. Some small defects such as cracked or warped that is not be accepted at the wood furniture industry is not problem in the barecore product. Barecore only requires small sizes wood pieces that are dry. If the sengon wood is used, then drying time can be done within 5 days or even less, very short time compared with the other wood-drying process for hardwood.
The gluing process are other important thing to be considered. The glue will emit the gas in its drying process. The gas emition will affect the barecore panel quality. Some states require certain VOC limitation for their product. And to fullfill that we need the proper glue. The gluing process can be done with hot press and cold press and both each provide its advantages and disadvantages.
The laminated wood panel needs the sanding process to make flat and even surface barecore panel. The wide belt sander sanding machine is used to do the sanding process. After a flat surface is obtained then the barecore should be stacked and wrapped to keep its moisture content. The barecore panel at the open surface will tend to absorb water from its surrounding air and risk to get problem since the wood swelling and shrinking See the our previous article: wood moisture on the plywood

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