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Hand scrapped floor finish.

Hand scrapped finish floor is antique finish to wood parquet flooring. This finishing is the application of the antique finishing that is already very common for furniture finish at the wood flooring products. The antique wood floor finish in fact gets a positive response from the market. It is proven that some peoples also like the antique finishes for wood parquet flooring. And now finish this model has become more common in the wood floor finish.
Antique wood flooring parquet is a great choice when antique style room decoration is used. When the furniture used was antique furniture and the house is antique painted, the antique floor parquet is perfect comprehensiveness flooring. The antique flooring is also needed when a building with antique atmosphere is designed. The house which is designed to be looked old or natural looked wooden house will need the antique wood flooring product.

the antique finish wood flooring

Same as with other antique finishing, the hand scrapped finish also requires physical distress and stain antiquing process. The physical distress, glaze application, stain highlights is needed though the finishing process is still being done on a flat line finishing by using UV coating as a clear coating. But of course, the antiquing process is relatively limited. The finishing that is too complex will be difficult to be made, because the limitation in the process, space, speed and material.
The surfaces of the floor pieces are relatively small and uniform has made distress choice become more limited. There is no advantage of the form factor as well as in the furniture finishing. The distressed of course have to be more uniform for all pieces because when they are installed they must match each other. One piece of flooring product should be considered as part of a “puzzle” that will be arranged when it is installed on the floor.

antique floor for antique decoration room

The same condition is with the stain antiquing. The finishing process at the wood floor will be done with UV coating on the flat line finishing system that is relatively more limited than with a spray finishing system. The simple dry brush, hand pad, highlights stain, spatter can be done, but antiquing that is too complex and takes long time will be difficult to be accommodated.
Several modifications to the flat line machine can be made to accommodate this antiquing process. The sponge roller is used for coating applications replacing the rubber roller. The use of sponge roller makes the application of stain, sealer and top coat can be performed on uneven surfaces with good results. Wide belt sander machine that is used to sand the sealer and top coat of course can not be used. The brush sander is used, since it more proper to sand the uneven surfaces. The brush sander will be able to reach the uneven parts and do sanding with less risk of cut trough. See our previous article: brush sander for wood finishing
Some development in the finishing material is also been made to accommodate the antique flooring finish. The water based glaze is made; it is the glaze that is in conjunction with UV coatings. The glaze may be used to create the impression of antique with dry brush, or wiping with water as a thinner which is the appropriate material for UV finish coating system. Some UV inhibitor can be added to the stain to provide better adhesion with the UV coating.

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