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Streak spray problem in the wood finishing.

Streak spray is the uneven spray on the finishing surface. In the case of thin spray streaks and for the  low gloss finish, this problem may not be as visible. However, in severe streaks, it will appear as a zebra-like striped appearance that ion the finishing surface, especially when the high gloss finish is made. The streak coating can be very annoying the finishing appearance. In the top coat layer, this streak will greatly disturb the looked since the uneven gloss of the top coat layer. This problem will be more disruptive to finishing with high gloss and big wide flat surface. In the objects with small surface and low gloss finish, the small streak might not be too visible.
Streak is not a problem if found at the sealer application. Uneven surfaces on the sealer will be cleaned up with sanding process and re coating. While in the stain application, the streak spray will result in uneven staining and appear as color striped. It will be a problem finishing because it will produce stripped and uneven finishing color.

streak coating problem

streak problem

The causes of streak spray and how to solve problems

Streak spray this is the result of the uneven finishing material application. There are some things that can cause the uneven material finishing and we need to parse them one by one to overcome this problem more precisely.
  • Improper spray technique.
The correct spray technique is spray technique that could produce a finishing layer that is even and smooth. The spray technique involves two things: the techniques of setting the spray gun and the techniques of spray gun movement. Both must be done properly to produce the even coating materials. You can view it in our previous article: how to use the spray gun correctly
  •  Improper spray equipment.
To produce a perfect coating, good and proper tools are needed. Spray gun with small size nozzle is not suitable to do spray on the wide and big surface. Use the spray gun with large size nozzle to spray the surface with a wide and spacious field. Spray gun with the small spreading spray width will require too many stroke to spray the big and wide surface panel. The small size width spray will also make the perfect spray overlapping is difficult to be obtained.
To spray on the wide and spacious surfaces the spray gun with a pump or pressure ports is recommended since it will make the job easier. The pumps or pressure ports will make the movement of the spray gun can be done more freely than the cup gun.
  • The imperfect material atomization
Perfect material atomization is main requirement to produce the even and smooth coating layer. Make sure that the material can be perfectly atomized in the spray application. Check the condition of the spray equipment; make sure that the nozzle, needle and cap are clean and in good condition.
Check viscosity of the finishing material and adjust according to the spray equipment specifications. Finishing materials with too high viscosity will result in the imperfect atomization. Add some thinner if necessary to reduce the viscosity, make sure that the viscosity of the material fulfills the spray equipment specification.
  • The finishing material that is dry too fast.
Coating material need to dry together to produce an even and smooth surface. Each next spray gun stroke has to be done when the previous stroke layer is still wet to make each layer blend well. Therefore the finishing material should not be dry too fast.
Make sure that the layer of finishing material is still quite wet when spraying process on a certain object is done. Adjust the finishing material according to the spray application. Add some thinner retarder to the mixture if necessary.

How to revise the results of spray streak problem.

Steak spray will become finishing problem only when it disturbs the finishing looked. At the top coat layer, the streak appearance can be cleaned by sanding the top coat layer well and then re-coat the top coat with good technique.
Streak spray on the stain will produce an uneven color in the finishing. It is should be corrected. The uneven stain should be removed by washed off with thinner. Washed off the uneven stain and clean off with paint thinner until an even color and clean surface is obtained. We may need to re sand the wood surface. Then we need to re apply the stain to make the color.

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