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Antique furniture style

Antique furniture is the furniture which is relic from the past. The antique furniture is old, ancient and already used for hundreds years. The real antique furniture are not widely available in the furniture market. The real antiques furniture may be only available in the museums or kept by the collector of antique and marketed as antique collection. The antique furniture in the market there is the antique style furniture or antique reproduction furniture. They are actually the new furniture products but is made to mimic the appearance and model of the antique furniture. The antique style furniture is made with special technique to make the appearance as the old ancient furniture. The furniture is made as if it an old product that has been used for long time. The antique style furniture is still widely available in the furniture market together with other furniture such as: the contemporary and  futuristic style
To make the antique furniture you need to consider the antique aspect in the furniture product. Here some point need to be considered when we are making the antique furniture.

distressed furniture
  • The design and model.
The design is the first step to make antique furniture. We will never make an antique furniture without proper design. The model of antique furniture always refer to the model of furniture in the past. There are many models of furniture are popular in history of furniture in the past that we can use as a reference for the design of antique furniture. We can explore the classic model and other model from the past and do some modification to design the antique reproduction furniture.  
  • Finishing process
The finishing process is done to make the color and appearance of the furniture. There are many techniques in the finishing can be used to make the antique looked furniture. The old looked, dirty, dusty can be produced with antique finishing techniques. There are also many special finishing material are available to make many antique effect.

antique white furniture
  • Physical distress
Physical distress is  finishing technique physically to create antique effect. Physical distress is the physically destruction to the furniture products to mimic the damage to furniture due to the long time age and usage. Many physical damage can be mimics by physical distress such as:  wormhole, ware mark, gouge, dent, crack, rasp, etc. There are some tool can be used to do the physical distress such as:  nail, chain, knife, chisels, etc. The physical distress help to produce more natural and dramatic antique effect in the product.
  • Stain distress
Stain distress is the application of stain to produce the impression of dirty, and antiques looked.  The spatter, cow tail marks, rope marks, watermarks are the distressed stain. The stain marks together with the physical distressed are the main technique to make antique and old looked furniture.  

There are also available some finishing materials that are  specially designed to produce the antique effect. We can use the materials to make the antique looked furniture.

  • Glaze
Glaze is the wiping stain that is applied between the clear coat. Glaze is very flexible to color and fill the wood pores and grain. In the antique finishing, glaze is the material to fill and coloring the cracks, holes, dents and carvings to mimics the patina. Patina is the antique appearance formed by the dust mixed with wax that fills in pores, cracks and wood grain. The wax is usually used to clean and polish the furniture will mixed with the dust to fill inside part of the furniture to make specially looked, antique old and natural.
In modern finishing, the effect of patina can be created by glaze application. Glaze can be brushed and wiped  to fill and coloring in the  pores, grain, dents, hole, inside of carving to form patina appearance. Glaze is also the flexible stain to make the distressed stain. Many dirty looked and stain looked can be made by glaze such as: rope mark, cow tail mark, spatter, etc.
Some special glaze can also produce a more dramatic antique effect such as: dirty looked and dusty looked. 

 antique crackle furniture
  • Crackle paint.
Crackle paint or crackle lacquer is the finishing material to form crackle effect in the finish. There are some  crackle paint available, the oil base crackle, thinner base or water base crackle paint which can be used to produce the crackle effect with many different crackle effect. The crackle paint is used together with glaze to make antique crack paint finish.
 antique chair
  • Veiling lacquer
Veiling lacquer is finishing materials that can be used to create effects like the spider web. It is used together with the glaze and stain to form the antique old and dirty looked.

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