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The exercising to anticipate the emergency situation in the furniture factory.

hydrant should be available in the furniture factory

Furniture factory is the places with high risk of fire danger. Furniture products, dry wood and finishing materials are highly flammable material. The furniture factory should be built by considering the high risk of fires. A furniture factory should have a good layout. The equipment, substrate and room should be arranged neatly, so that if there problem occurs can quickly be recognized and anticipated before become big problem. The room and building should be equipped with tools to anticipate the fire danger such as: fire extinguishers and hydrant. Some critical room such as mixing room or finishing material warehouse even need the smoke detector and water sprinkle to anticipate the fire risk.  
Instead of the availability of firefighting equipment another thing that is no less important is the readiness of the people in the factory to anticipate the emergency situation. The people are need to be trained to act in the proper way when the emergency situation comes. The exercises peoples are tend to be panic and lead to the riot situation and make all the equipment could become useless. Therefore the furniture factory should give effort to conduct training for its employees to anticipate the danger and emergency situation.
We never expect the disaster and never know when it comes, but with the good preparation then the loss and victim can be minimized.  

 the fire extinguisher

There are two groups of people that need to be trained to face the emergency situation, the fire fighter team or rescue team and the other people. Team fire extinguishers team is the group of peoples who have to extinguish the fire in case of fire danger. They are the volunteer who will work to stop the fire while the rest are go for saving. This team consists of employees who are well trained and to master the equipment and technique to stop the fire. The fire fighting brigade people should be taken from many every area. The fire may come form everywhere so we need to make sure there are people available in every area.
A briefly training should be conducted to the fire team. Make sure that they can do they job when needed.  They should go to the certified trainer to get trained and skilled to be the fire fighter and rescue team. A periodically training should be scheduled to keep their alertness an readiness.
Not only the the fire team need practicing, every person in the plant also requires proper training. The exercise is needed to make sure that every peoples know what the have to do in the emergency situation. The exercise will make every people can react in the proper way and preventing the panic and chaos situation. The exercising is intended to make sure they could save them self properly without interfere the fire team who will work to stop the fire. The exercises is focused to make every people can recognize the danger signs, the evacuation routes and the site point when the emergency situation comes

fire fighter team exercising

The  exercise is conducted in the following way.

Brief every people about the danger sign, the evacuation route and the site point when the emergency situation comes.
Sound the alarm alert for the emergency situation. The fire team peoples are instructed to take their position and ready with their equipment immediately. While other peoples should keep calm and go for the site point through the evacuation route.
Do evaluation for the exercise result. See how is the reaction of the peoples and the fire team. Make some briefing for improvement to make sure they can do the proper reaction.

The exercise does not need not be too often done because it will disrupt the production process, but it is need to be done sometime, may be 3 or 4 times every year. This small effort will be a very big help when the bad situation really comes.

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