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 gebyok Kudus is fully with complicated carving
picture is taken from Alwi antique

Gebyok or gebyog is a wall made of wood that is installed in a houses or building as divider or partitions between rooms. The Javanese big houses usually consist of the big guest room that is widely used as a meeting room or banquet. And then there are several living rooms which are more private places for the occupant. Gebyok is installed to separate the living room and guest room. It can also be used as the main gate at the entrance of the house. As a house gate it can be equipped with door. Gebyok is the part of the characteristic of the ancient Javanese building in the past when the wood is used as the most structure part.
Since long time ago, gebyok is made by emphasizing the beauty and art more than its function. It is usually made with special carving or painted with special theme. It is also used as the element that indicates the status of the owner of the building. Traditionally there are many models of gebyok according to its origin. Gebyok from Kudus and Jepara usually is filled with heavy carving, while gebyok from Madura and Solo usually are simpler.
Now when most of buildings are made of brick, gebyok has been more used as the complementary and to fill the decorations on buildings. Many peoples install gebyok to give sense of Javanese culture in their home.  

Tips in choosing gebyok
  •   Quality of the gebyok.
Gebyok is usually made of teak wood. The best grade of teak wood is most used since it is considered as luxury stuff. As the other woodworking products, the moisture content of wood is the most important thing. The moisture content of gebyok the must meet the standard the moisture content wood should be. But usually it has been dry when it is completely done. The processing time of making gebyog is very long make the wood is usually already fulfill it is drying time.
The gebyok quality can also be determined from the quality and shape of the carving. The neat and detail of the carving should be neat and detail. The neat form and detail of the form and carved and finishing show more impression of luxury and expensive.
  •   Model of the building and room decoration.
As the elements of the house then gebyok must be synchronized with the house theme and decoration of the room. Its size must match to the size of the house and spacious room where he was placed. The model, shape and themed of the gebyok should according to the room theme.
  •  The finishing of gebyok.
With the advanced of the woodworking technology, gebyok can be made in many model and form according to the room need. Variety of finishing looked and color are also available. Gebyok is mostly finished in the natural color or even installed in unfinished condition. With the premium and selected wood, the varnish, shellac or clear coating is best choice. But there some other finished are available such as: the solid color, painted finish, or gilt finish.

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