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Wood floor for natural and green room

Wooden floors are becoming more interesting choice for the house and room base. The woodworking technology has provided wide range of wood flooring to fulfill the requirement for houses in the modern building. Many people have their own idea about what types of flooring that may suitable for his houses. But however too many choices available sometime more confusing, more over with many sales persons who offer their products with their benefits make the decision-making become more difficult.

Wooden floor are about making the nature’s design. Wood has wonderful properties with natural beauty and variety. Wide range products are available from the calm, lively, dark, light, shiny or mat, the wooden floor are always show the natural looked. For example the oak wood floor is available with wide range of shades from the light, natural or pale to the dark and almost black color. While the other woods are offering their unique and distinctive looked with no less interesting. Perhaps every wooden floor is unique. It is necessary to really consider what atmosphere you want to create in the room before getting lost in the vast range of option.

Here are some tips to choose the wooden floor

  1. The decoration of the room.
Wood floor products are available in various models and forms. Wood floor with the simple and minimalist model picturing the modern impression to the floor with antique finishing for the impressive ancient appearance are available now. Therefore the selection of flooring that suits your taste and room decoration can be done freely. Determine the theme of the room or building and then choose type and look of the flooring in accordance with the theme.

  1. The type of wood.
Many woods have their own beauty with their own “life”. Lighter floor are typically in maple, birch and ash and some oak and beech. Many woods with white stain which enhance their beautiful grain and structure also can be used. Many darker woods such as ebony, walnut, cherry, teak wood, etc. are bringing to the more dark and heavy atmosphere. Many dark stained wood or heat treated wood are also can be used.
Consider the hardness of the wood. Even though the finishing layer may give you the hard and strong film layer, but it is still better to choose the harder wood for passage room such as hallways, where the floor is subjected to intensive wear. While in the bed room the light wood can be used as good as the hard wood.

  1. Consider the finish layer.
The choice of the finishing layer is about the hardness, strength, shine, feel and maintenance.  And oiled floor has a natural feel and surface with lot of variation, but it need a hard wood and oil maintenance at regular intervals. While the coated floor provide more strong surface without the often regular maintenance but it will less nature, looked and feel. The u.v. finishing has developed and provide many variety of looked and color with many styles but, however it will not give nature’s as the oily wood floor.

 the antique looked wood floor

  1. The model and configuration of the wood parquet.
The flooring parquet can be made of many model and design of arrangements. The floor of planks will show more calm and exclusive looked. While the other arrangement such as 2 strip or 3 strip will give more dynamic looked. There are also available the arrangement with special pattern such as wave, diamond, checker board, or other pattern can be made.

  1. The thickness of the wood plank
The thicker wood floor will cost more then the thin floor or engineered floor, but the thick floor will give you freedom to do re sanding and do refinishing if necessary. It may be able to be considered that the thick floor will give you more value since it can be re sanded and re finished in the future.

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