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Tips in choosing the dinning table

Dining table is furniture that is used as a place for food and to support the meal activities. It is a table, furniture with flat and satisfactory horizontal upper surface with base or leg to support the top. In the house, the dining table is placed the dining room together with a set of chair. The developments in the woodworking industry have allowed peoples to make dining table in the varied models and form. The square, circle, oval, octagonal top and other forms with a variety of foot base are available. Various materials are used to make the dinning tables; wood, engineered wood, other materials such as metal, resin, stone, marble or even cement are used in alone or in combination to make dinning tables. We can also can order to make some special form and qualities if we have the budget.
The many choices available gives us freedom to make choose the product we need, but too many choices also oblique us to do proper selection to find the right product.  

Classic dining table

Here are some tips to choose the dining table.
  • Fit the size according to the room
Dining table is part of the furniture that will be used to fill the room, so he should fit with the room where he is placed on. Choose the size of the dining table according to the room space. Too big table may interfere the resident to do their activities. The round shape is more suitable choice for the small space room, since it more compact and less spacious. While the rectangular or oval is more proper to the big room since it help to fill the room. There are also some model with extension that give us flexibility to adjust the table with the room space and activities needed. 

antique dinning table

  • Choose the model according to the decoration theme of the room.
The dinning table model and style should be according to the decor and theme of the room or the house. There are many model and style are available. The tables with rustic or country style will bring the atmosphere of nature and village. The antique or classic models are according to the luxury and elegance from the past. The contemporary and futuristic models are also available to bring the modern looked. Find the theme of the room decoration and choose the proper model table.  

contemporary dinning 

  • Choose the proper finish.
Dining table is an object to hold many physical activities. The top of the table will be used to put the food and cutlery and as place of the meal activities. The food placed on the table could be hot, cold, greasy, or contain chemical that could ruin the finish. Since that, the finishing layer of the dinning table especially at the top part must be strong enough to withstand the food chemical and the physical activities thereon.
The PU or Acid curing finishes are the good choices for the dinning table. They are the catalyzed finish that resistant to heat, water, chemical and food ingredients. The solvent dry finishing layer such as shellac, varnish, NC or water based also can be used but they will be more easily damaged and we may consider to do refinishing after certain time.
  • Consider the caring and cleaning.
The dining table is the object that needs to be frequently cleaned. There must be some leftover food or beverage that falls on the surface of the table. The dinning table must be cleaned up immediately because the leftover could bring invite the fungi, bacteria or small animal to come.  Make sure we choose the dinning table that can be easily to be cleaned up. Avoid the textured form top since it can hold some food and difficult to be cleaned.

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