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Highlight in the wood finishing

Highlight is finishing techniques to maximize the beauty in the wood. Highlight in finishing process in the stain or glaze application. At the stain application after we apply even coat of stain, we can continue to do the highlight by wipe off or erase the stain layer in some part to create more life finishing looked. The highlight is very simple job, but to produce a good finishing looked we need to do it properly. It is an art work that need skill and art sense to get it right. We need to consider the finishing model, form and shape of goods, and or the pattern the wood grain. The classic finish or the modern furniture with the plain an even finish color does not need highlight. The antique finish antique finish that need more “life” finishing looked need highlight. The highlight can be done more with more courageous to make strong effect at the wood with strong grain character like: mahogany, teak, rosewood, oak, pines, etc. The highlight at the complex forms such as: the carving, or the ornament, can be done with more vigorous to accentuate the forms of engraving. The highlight at the flat forms should be done with more smooth and vague to keep the natural looked of the finish. 

Highlight the glaze. 

 highlight glaze with steel wool

the glaze after been highlighted

Highlight at the glaze is very common to maximize the effect glaze. When we apply the glaze, an even layer of glaze on the sealer or wash coat is obtained. We do the highlight by wipe the glaze layer at some parts to enhance the finishing appearance. The glaze highlight is quite easy to be done since glaze is the special stain that can be easy to be wiped off. We can use cloth to remove the glaze when he glaze is still wet, or the steel wool when the glaze is dry. The highlight should be done according to the grain pattern or the shape to make more life finish. The glaze layer is on the sealer when the finishing color has already built, make the highlight can be done with more predictable results. We can see the color resulted with more clear when the highlight is made. 

Highlight the stain.

 the stain is highlighted with steel wool

the stain after been highlight

Highlight the stain is a little bit more difficult. The wood stain will sink and be absorbed by the wood, make the stain is more stick to the wood. We may need to use sandpaper to erase the stain, and therefore it becomes more difficult to control the result. The highlight is also more difficult since the finish looked still can not be seen at the stain layer. But the highlights on the stain if it is done right will be able to produce more life finishing color with more the natural looked. There are still many steps after the stain that can make the good combination with the highlight to make more life and beautiful finish. 

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