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Scotch brite for wood finishing.

Scotchbrite is an abrasive material with elastic and flexible form. It available in many grade of coarseness. Coarse scotchbrite is used to do sanding for the complex part in the finishing process. The finer is used in polishing and rubbing process. Scotchbrite is made from synthetic material that is covered with mineral abrasives. The fine type of scotch brite is also used in the domestic life to wash the household for wash the cookware and table ware such as: dish, cup, pan, etc. The scotch brite for this purpose is the fine scotch brite and available in the supermarket or grocery store The scotch brite for wood finishing is available in the industrial tool store. The scotch brite is also lot of used at the automotive or metallurgic industry, and available in some grades and types. While in the wood finishing, the scotch brite is used to do the sanding and polishing in the finishing process.

the heavy duty scotch brite

scotch brite to sand the complicated form

To do the sanding, the coarse scotch brite is used. It is the proper abrasives to sand the sealer or top coat at the non flat surfaces. The sandpaper is the good material for sanding, but it is difficult to be applied at the furniture part that has 3 dimensional forms such as: legs, turning, edges, the carving and the other complicated form part.  The sanding with the sandpaper has high risk for the over sanding. The sand paper is too aggressive and not flexible enough to follow the complicated form. It will tend to cut trough the coating layer at the protruding parts, especially at the first sealer layer or the wash coat layer when the coating film is still thin. To sand the complicated form, then we need the scotch brite. The scotch brite is the flexible abrasive material that is quite flexible to follow the complicated form and reach the inside part with less risk of over sanding. The scotch brite is even less aggressive compared with the steel wool. The scotch brite is also won’t be fall out to form dust as the steel wool does. Since that the scotch brite is the better choice material to do sanding at the complicated form. 

the fine scotch brite

  the fine scotch brite is used to polishing the compound 

The fine scotch brite is used to polishing at the rubbing process. When we do rubbing, the last step is polishing with the compound or pumice powder. The scotch brite can be attached at the rubbing machine to apply the compound or pumice stone powder at the polishing process. The uses of the rubbing machine will give the consistence result. It is specially needed when the high gloss finish is wanted. 

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