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Regency Furniture style

regency style chair

Regency style refers to the model furniture in England in the period of 1810 to 1837. It was the lattes part of the King George III and the early of his son King George IV lead the Britain. In that time, the UK is undergoing major changes in economic and political. But that time is also known as the generation of fine art and great architectural design. 
 the modern regency arm chair
regency style side chair

The Regency was a period of great refinement and architectural. Regency furniture was featuring the beauty and elegance. The regency chair is looked feminism with roll or spiral form at arm or backseat. The leg could be: sabre form, lion paw or carved fluted. Backrest has varies motif with the influence from the previous models. The use of brass or gild is also found as an ornament at the foot of cabinet or a chair or table  Cabinet-cabinet regency also has characteristic of simple but elegant. Lion paw feet with brass or gild ornament are used. The regency table is known with saber legs. Top table with marble or inlay decorated. Round table with quadruple leg base is lot of found. The sabre leg with brass or gilt is the character of the regency table.

regency style sofa

Regency dinning table

The regency style is still favored by many peoples today. The regency style furniture with many variety and modification are still available in the furniture market. Many designer are using the regency furniture for reference and inspiration. 

regency style side board

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  1. The regency style sofa looks so regal and classy. I wanna get a financing furniture soon so that I could order regency style furniture like this.

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  2. I have always been a huge fan of regency style furniture. Being a fan of the Victorian Era, I always have this craving for regal and sophisticated things. Even my reception desk resembles regency and elegance.

  3. The regency furniture is alwasy interesting. It is one of the the classic style that give the elegant, glory and greatness from the past.

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