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The texture paint, special finish for furniture

The texture paint is the paint to make the texture finish. The texture paint is initially used for wall painting. With various model, the texture can produce life and attractive  finishing looked. It can bring to the more dynamic to the wall than the paint finish that is flat and monotonous. But then with the development of the furniture models and styles, the texture effect is also used for furniture finish. Now, the texture finish for furniture is growing with more and more models and colors are made. There are many techniques and texture effect are created. The finishing material suppliers also have been providing various types of texture paint to be used in the furniture finish.

texture finish panel

There are several type of texture paint that can be used in furniture finishing. Here are the texture paints that are most used in the furniture finishing.
  • Water based emulsion texture paint.
It is the texture paint that is most easily found and could be the most widely used. It is water based paint, latex paint or the wall paint that is designed to make texture effects. Actually almost all of latex paint can be used to make texture. But some paint suppliers provide the special paint for texture finish. It available in many color and some special effects is available. We can make the texture paint ourselves by increasing the viscosity of the regular latex paint. We can add some talc powder into the paint to make a thick and viscous paint that can be function as  a texture paint.
In the furniture finishing, the water based texture is mostly used in combination with other wood finishing material such as: stain, glaze and thinner based clear coating to antique finishing.
  • NC-based texture paint.
It is the development of NC paints that is very popular in wood furniture finishing industry. The NC texture paint is a kind of base coat that is designed for texture application. The white or black is the most available color, although other colors can also be generated. This paint can be applied with a spray gun, since it dry relatively faster than the water based texture.
We can also make the texture paint from the NC base coat if necessary. We can add some talc powder into a base coat paint to make a thick paint that can be applied as a texture paint.

Tips in the application of texture paint..

  •   Use the type of texture paint that is compatible with the whole finishing system.
Texture paint will form a thick finish in the finishing layer. The thick texture should be compatible to the overall finishing layer. The incompatible finish can lead to the finishing problem such as: adhesion problem or cracking finish problem. We also need to make sure that we are using the proper type of paint in accordance with type of coatings used in the finishing system.
The water based paint texture is the good choice because he can be used in combination with various types of clear coating. The NC, PU or Acid curing, or even the varnish or shellac can be used together with the water based texture paint. It can also be used in combination with other wood finish material such as: glaze, powder glaze, stain or base coat.
While the NC texture paint is rather limited, although it is quite ease in application. He should be used in the finishing process that is suitable with the NC paint. The finishing with the lacquer coating, NC coating, varnish or shellac can use the NC base texture paint.
  •   Choose paint and the application method according to the effect needed.
Although we can make the texture paint, but in my opinion it still be easier to buy the texture paint from the paint store. There are varieties of texture paint we can choose according to our need. Some special paints to make special texture are also lot available such as: sand texture, or hammer shield (which is quite difficult to be made).  What we need to do is to find the right material according to the effect we want.
The effect of texture is also determined by the application method. There are many techniques to apply the paint this with variety of tools to make many different effect. The paint can be applied by: brush, roller, sponge, scotch brite, felt, knife, etc. and each of them will give different texture effect. The NC texture paint, the sand texture and hammer shield texture are should be applied by spray. The spraying equipment which can apply the thick material is needed, since he deal with the viscous material.

  • Take the time for the drying.
The texture paint is a thick paint; he takes a relatively long time for the drying. Make sure we provide enough time for the drying process. The texture will be down little bit when it is fully dry and the different texture pattern with the wet paint may be resulted. So make sure the texture paint layer has been completely dry to get the proper effect. For the water based texture, normally we need to wait for about 1 day to let it dry completely, while the NC texture paints need about 3 or 4 hours to dry. The  paint that is not dry will also lead to many problems in the finishing such as :adhesion, bubble and color problem

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  1. I've heard about the texture painting from a house painter in grand rapids who painted our home. He suggested to give our walls and some furniture this kind of finishing and so we agreed. It was really great. The paint looks amazing for a long time.

    1. Yes it is. By the finishing artist, the finishing material is a tool to paint and enhance the beauty of the product.

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