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Press machine for woodworking industry.

Pressing machine is the machine to help the gluing process in the woodworking industry. The pressing machine is needed to press and hold the wood pieces to keep them stayed until the glue is dry and a strong bond is formed.  Almost all timber must through the gluing process in the woodworking industry. The timber logs are cut and dried to form board panel in certain sizes. Cutting the log is the first important process in the woodworking process. The wood pieces with small sizes will be dry faster then the wood log with big sizes. The dry wood panel boards then are cut and glued together to make wider and bigger panel board to be formed as furniture component that will used to make any product. The joining of wooden boards is done using glue at when the press machine is needed. 
The press machine is tasked to keep the wood remain close together during the hardening process of the glue. According to the process of the glue drying, then there are two types of the press machine; the hot press and cold press machine.

manual cold press for rotary clamping

Cold press machine.
Cold press machine is a machine press that is not equipped with a heater. The machine  only put pressure on the pieces of wood to keep them close together at the drying process of the glue. There are some type of cold press machine according to the pressure is generated, hydraulic press, manual press or vacuum press.
Manual press is a machine that uses manually job to do the setting of the pressure to the wood pieces. There are 2 metal plates with holes to place some screws. The wood pieces are covered with glue, then arranged and clamped with the metal plate. The plats then are tightened and closed together by tightened the screws. Once the glue is dry and strong bond is established, then the plat are unscrew and taken off. It is the most simple laminating machine yet effective enough to help the process of gluing wood pieces. The pressing is determined by the screw tightening that is done manually. Therefore, the result is strongly influenced by the performance of people who do it.
The hydraulic press is more modern machine for laminated wood. As well as manual press, this tool has two plates to press the wood pieces attached, but the machine use hydraulic tools to suppress the iron plates. The hydraulic tool is more stable and reliable to make the standard pressure with more consistent. The machines are available in various sizes and models. To make the big size panel board, then the machine with a large plate is needed, while the small size machine can be used to manufacture of laminated boards with a small size.
Vacuum press machine press work by using vacuum force to pull the pieces of wood that are being attached. Vacuum press however is not as strong as the hydraulic press or even manual press. These machines are specially used to attach the veneer on the small panels on uneven surfaces, when the hot press or cold press cannot be used.

hydraulic press

Hot press machine.

It is quite sophisticated machine press. This machine is equipped with a hydraulic press and the heater to heat the glue in the gluing process. This heat will speed up the drying process so that the gluing time can be accelerated. The gluing process that need about 30 minutes by using cold press can be done in about 5 minutes with the hot press machine.
The machine uses a hot plate to heat and press the wood pieces that are being attached. The metal plate temperature can be set according to the temperature needed by the gluing process. This machine is available in various sizes to do variety of wood gluing process. But the most widely used is for attaching wood veneer in the manufacture of plywood or wood veneered panels. The veneer sheets are coated with glue and attached with his core (mdf, particle board, laminated wood or other veneer sheet) put in a mat and then pressed and heated by a plate on top to obtain a strong bond. Hot press is the most effective tool for making panel boards with big size; long, large and wide panel. But since it use flat and rigid metal plate, then the tool has limitation to do the gluing process to make flat panel board.

hot press machine

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