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Country finishing style.

Country furniture style is the style of furniture that refers to the furniture in the past when technology in the furniture manufacturer was not advanced as it is now. At that time the furniture was made traditionally with the simple tools. The wood was cut with a handsaw, and then formed by hand knives, and other hand tools. The leveling and smoothing the wood surface was done using: hand plainer, stone, glass. There was neither sandpaper nor sanding machine. The modern wood adhesive was not available yet, the wood gluing was done with adhesive from animal. The peg, or wood pivot were used to connected the big wood pieces.  
Now, the process of manufacturing furniture is very far forward. There are wide range woodworking machinery and tools are available to manufacture furniture in the factories. There are also available portable woodworking toll to be used in the small woodworking shop. The result is the furniture with uniform size, neat and consistent. Meanwhile the country furniture style has to mimic the appearance of the traditionally furniture which was handmade, with his imperfectness and inconsistency shape and sizes. Then to produce the country style products then the proper finishing process is needed. The country finishing is the finishing processes to make the furniture to become “country looked”. The country finishing is needed to comply the design to build the country style furniture. The country finishing is the tool to make the modern furniture to be looked traditional, handmade and old looked.

 country furniture finishing

Here are some special techniques and materials that are needed to do the "country style furniture".
  • Physical distress
Physical distress is physically “destruction” to the furniture to create the impression of damaged, broken or imperfect. There are many physical distresses can be generated to make "country looked",. The physical distresses with rock, file, nail or hammer are mainly used to make the damage looked caused by the physical abused. The physical distress can also be used to form the traditionally impression since of the imperfect production process such as the unevenness surfaces, the imperfect shape etc. The distress with files, hand planner or chisel are used for this purpose. Distress can also be made to mimic the impression of damaged due to the rupture such as: cracking, open joint or the imprecision of the shape. We can use the knife, chisel or nail for this purpose. You can find more about physical distress in our previous article: physical distress for wood finishing

 heavy physical distress
  • Glaze application
Glaze is the finishing material that is mainly used to form the appearance of old and ancient looked. Glaze is very important to emulate the country style for the furniture. The patina looked that caused from the long time process and reaction of wood with the air is easy to be duplicated by the glaze application. In the "country finishing", the glaze is also used to create dirty old looked effects such as: cow tail, antic, dry brush, spatter, etc. See our previous article : glaze application to make antique
There are special glaze also available to make more dramatic antique looked. Powder glaze is special glaze to make the dusty looked. The glaze with white color is also work well to make wash finish.

 "dirty looked" with glaze
  • Stain application.
Stain is material for coloring the wood furniture. To make the country style finish, we can manipulate the stain application with some special techniques. The stain can be highlighted or rubbed off to make the ware looked. The stain can be applied in the uneven thickness by padding to make smudge looked. The stain can also be spattered or splashed to make spatter, dirty looked or watermark.
If the paint or base coat is used, then we can make the rubbed off, chipping or crackle effect to make the more dramatic old looked. 

 rubbed off paint finish

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