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How to be save as Ikea supplier..

Ikea is very famous. It is big retail company of household products that have network spread all over the world. In the furniture business he is also well known as big player, his market share could be the biggest in Europe. The Ikea furniture is simple, inexpensive but has high quality to fulfill its function as household product. The design made always base to the practicality and simplicity in handling both in the uses and in the manufacturing process. The price is the big concern, the construction is made with concerning to the efficiency in the production process.
Although made with simple, efficient and low price, but the Ikea products are made with strict control to meet the health and safety standards. All Ikea products must past series of tests to achieve the safety and health standards in accordance with European rules. The construction must be kept to follow the safety and security fo5r the user. The substrate and finishing layer must use the materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. Ikea is one of the company that specifies the water based finishing materials for his product.
The Ikea products are sourced in various countries. The price is considered as the main consideration to outsource products. Now China could be still the biggest furniture maker for Ikea furniture. But along with the increasing of production costs in China, then Ikea began to look for some new places to outsource his product. The new furniture exporter countries such as: Vietnam, India, or Bangladesh and Indonesia are the alternatives. Although being made in many places, but the Ikea products are always manufactured with high standards of quality. The strict production processes are held to control the process from the beginning t the end to keep the quality. 

Ikea furniture is simple and practice

To become supplier for Ikea product may be very interesting for many furniture manufacturing company. The big volume products with good payment make doing business with Ikea are very interesting. But if you want to become Ikea suppliers, the we must be careful. There are some stories about some furniture factories were bankrupt since he was left by Ikea. The demands to get good quality products with the lowest possible price, has made the Ikea furniture to be "disloyal" to the suppliers. Ikea could leave his supplier to find the “best price furniture”.

Here are some tips to be considered if you want to be Ikea supplier.
  • Do a good calculation for the price.
Ikea will keep his product to be cheap, since then he will always find the cheaper price when he outsources his product. But we as furniture factories has keep work in the save way. Price calculations must be done correctly, because the slightest error in estimating the price would be fatal to the plant. In fact, not every factory are suitable for Ikea product. To meet its the standard price and quality, the a big, well organized and efficient production system is needed.
  •   Always keep space for the other buyer
Ikea is a great company and he always demand for high capacity factories. When he place order, he may ask for your full capacity. But course we as furniture manufacturer should not rely for just one buyer. The competition in the furniture business is very tight then we must to be aware of all possibilities that could happen. Keep the amount of our order in a balance, don’t let one company dominating our order. Provide production space to serve some buyers. Thus if something happens for one buyer, then there are still some other buyer to keep the business. Maximum 60% of our production can be dedicated to the Ikea furniture, and other spaces must diverse to other company.
  • Keep the process and quality to meet the standard.
Ikea is big company; he is always commit to maintaining the quality of his products. If there are quality problem found, he did not hesitate to recall the products. It is very good for his buyers, but in the fact, Ikea will charge all problems arisen to its supplier. Then the supplier should be able to keep the quality of his products. Make sure the sample has been approved is used the production of reference. Any changes to the process must be discussed with Ikea. The good documentation is needed to avoid any disputes in the future.

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