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Antique pine # 2 , latex paint and NC finish

Pine wood is quite popular in the woodworking industry. He has been widely used as raw material for furniture since many centuries ago. The pine wood is easy to be machined, drilled and handled in the woodworking process. But the wood has high porosity; he will absorb a lot of finishing materials to produce a smooth surface. The stain application should done carefully since its high porosity. Too wet stain is risk to get blotchy color.
Now in this article we want to share about antique pine finish. In this finish a latex paint is used as the first stain. The latex paint as the stain gives some advantage. It will bring the antique finish and since it is thick material then we don’t need to worry about the blotchy problem. The paint is combined with glaze and NC clear coating to make the antique finish. 

Here is the finishing process.

  • Physical distress.
The physical is the first step to make the antique impression. Use the stones, files, chains and hammers to do the distress. The heavy distress is needed. Start with the file to rasp at the edges and to make some mark in the surface. Then we can use the chain and hammer to hit the surface. Finally we can use the rock to picture the physical abuses. Make sure the distress mark are random and natural to mimic the long time used. See our previous article : Physical distress for wood furniture finishing.
  • Application of latex paint.
Choose the light brown or cream latex paint. Agitate the paint and make sure it is well mixed, add some water is necessary.  Brush the latex paint to layer to the wood evenly. Make sure the paint is well applied until he fill in the pores, gap and crevices. Let the paint dry.
After the paint is dry, then sand the paint, clean the paint at the surfaces but leave the paint inside the hole, pores, grain and the distressed mark. The latex paint should fill in the wood pores, grains, dents, holes, crevices and gaps.
Check the antique effect we got. Make sure we get the antique effect, make sure the all the distress mark are filled with the latex paint and make sure the wood surface is cleaned to get the clarity of the wood finish.
  • Sealer application.
A layer of clear coating is required to protect the latex paint. The sealer is used since it will be sanded to provide the smooth finish. The clear coating has to be applied by spray. The brush application will resolve the latex paint and damage the antique effect that has been formed. Spray two layer of NC sealer and let it dry. Sand the sealer layer with # 280 or # 320 sandpaper to get the smooth surface.  
  • Dry brush glaze.
Glaze application is needed to enhance the antique looked. Use the glaze with a dark brown color (van dyke brown or dark umber). Do dry brush to burnish the edges and the distress part. The dark glaze will darken and enhance the antique effect. Some more antique effect such as cow tail or spatter also can be made to make more interesting antique effect. See our previous article: Dry brush glaze
  • Application of top coat.
Top coat is the last layer to provide the protection and to build the sheen of the finishing. Use the low sheen top coat as final layer. Apply 1 layer of 10 sheen or 20 sheen NC top coat by wet spray to the finish. Let it dry and check the film surface, make sure and even and smooth surface is obtained. If the surface is rough, then we need to sand the top coat layer and apply 1 more coat.

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  1. Nice information and I have the same opinion with your point of views. The pine wood is easy to be machined, drilled and handled in the woodworking process. But the wood has high porosity; he will absorb a lot of finishing materials to produce a smooth surface. It is really very helpful topic.
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