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Rubber wood

Rubber wood is considered a "cheap" wood to make furniture. The rubber tree is mainly planted and cultivated for its latex, the raw material in the rubber industry. Rubber trees that have been unproductive then are cut and sold as timber wood. Then it was considered that rubber wood had physical properties which were suitable for the woodworking industry to make various wood products. Furniture, flooring parquet, and some other wood products such as: strawboard, veneer or plywood can be made with rubber wood. 
The treatment for rubber wood is quite complicated. The wood naturally contains latex which must be removed before being used in the woodworking industry. The wood is also high risk for the fungal and wood-eating insects attacked. The trees must be treated properly soon after being cut otherwise it will get problem with blue stain or insect attacked. The special processing that is known as the vacuum treatment is needed. The rubber wood boards are placed in the chamber room to be boiled with hot water for several minutes (about 15 minutes), then the hot water is sucked until all water is out from the room. The suction process is continued to let the latex is out from the wood.  After most of the latex is out, then the anti insect solution is flowed to the chamber to fill in the wood pores and grain. The anti insect solution will be absorbed with the wood to make the wood resist to the insect attacked. The wet wood is then still needed to be sent to the kiln dry to be dried to meet the standard moisture content for woodworking industry.
Instead of his complex processed the rubber wood has some good properties for woodworking industry furniture supply.
The rubber wood is quite strong with a medium hardness make it can be easy to machinery, drilled and bored. The wood is also relatively inexpensive, has a light base color and have nice grain pattern. He has deep and big texture of pores and grain, make it flexible enough to be combined with the common veneer in the furniture industry such as: oak, maple, ash and even, mango or mahogany. His light basic color; white to light brown is big advantage since make it is flexible to be finished in many color. 

rubber wood panel

Finishing for rubber wood. 
Despite if his high flexibility for color selection, the finishing proper finishing process for rubber wood is needed. The wood has high porosity with big pores and grain texture. The wood tends to be rough and absorb too much finishing material. Too wet stain application
should be avoided since its high risk for the blotchy color problem. The glue sizing or sealer sizing can be used to reduce the risk of blotchy color. The rubber wood that already has been sanded with smooth surface should not be left in open air for long time, because he will absorb the water from the air that will raise the wood fibers and make the surface be rough again.
The big pores and grain can be stained or glazed to make the life and special finishing looked. But if the close pores finish is generated, then the filler application is needed to fill and close the pores. The filler with natural or light color can be applied as the first finishing process to reduce the absorption of stain into the wood pores, thereby reducing the rik of blotchy color. A wide range of color and appearance can be applied to the rubber wood. Finishing with a transparent color from the light color to the dark colors can be applied without any difficulty. The clean looked finish can be made as well as the antic finishing in any color.
The solid color finishes also can be applied to the rubber wood product. If the clean and close pores finish is needed, then we need to apply filler to fill the pores and grains. If the antique solid color finish is needed, then we can maximize its big grain and pores to make more life finish. The glaze, filler or powder glaze inside the pores will make a "dramatic" finishing looked.

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