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Wrought iron furniture.

Wrought iron furniture is made with different processes than the cast iron. The iron in any form, plat, rod, strip, are processed by forging, cutting, bending and welding to make furniture products in any form and shape. The processing to make wrought iron furniture is less complicated then the cast iron. It does not need the iron melting process that requires very high temperatures as cast iron. Some heating process may be needed to help the process of bending, rolling but it does not require high temperatures. Although quite simple, but  with skillful operator and the proper technique, various model and form of iron furniture can be produced.

unfinish wrought iron furniture

Wrought iron furniture generally is stronger and more tenacious compared with the cast iron. It does not use the melting process that could change the molecular structure of iron. However, it is manual process which rely to the high skills and expertise of the operators. To produce big volume product then a clear standard operation procedure and good supervision is needed. The wrought process is more suitable to make furniture products with small number, or some accustomed product. The wrought iron furniture also has more value since it has an artistic touch as handmade product. The wrought process is usually done in combination with casting process to make many model of iron furniture. The small components for ornamental are made with the casting process while the big components such as leg, frame are made from plate or iron rod that are forged, wrought and welded. The wrought iron furniture is also often made in combination with wood, veneer, cane or other natural products.

iron table

Finishing for wrought iron furniture is the same with the finishing the other iron products. The pretreatment and cleaning surface is very critical to get the good quality finish. The chemically or mechanically pretreatment must be done properly as the first step of finishing. Moreover, most of the raw materials for wrought iron are the iron products in many forms which are usually have been coated with a corrosion resistant material that might interfere to the attachment of finishing material that would be applied on. The sanding or putty is also usually needed to the surface preparation. The finishing with electroplating or powder coating can be used to produce the clean looked finish. But, the NC system finish with many special effect and special looked could be more proper to the wrought iron furniture since it accords to its value as a handmade product.

iron coffee table

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