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Solid wood for door

Now, we can find many doors (and windows) are still made from solid wood. There are may be some other materials are used to make door such as aluminum, metal, or engineering wood  are used to make door, but the solid wood is still the favorite substrate to make door. As the part of the house, the door or window are attached to the wall of the building as place for peoples, and other things to come in and out at the building. Then the door has to be opened and closed easily. The solid wood is an ideal substrate for door; he is strong, durable, relatively lightweight and easy to be formed and built. Moreover, the wood is also has unique and nice looked, and as a natural substrates, the wood will bring the atmosphere of green and naturality to the building. 

The advantage of solid wood as a door

Wood is strong, durable and easy to be shaped and formed. With the right selection and proper processing, the wood will give a strong, durable and nice looking door product. Wood is  a material that is easily to be molded, cut, and formed. Wood is flexible material it is easy to be carved, ornamented, painted to make special looked. As a natural material, wood has a beautiful appearance. The wood has grain and pores with natural looked, nice, unique and interesting. With proper processing and finishing, the wood door will give the nice looking part at the building.
Now actually it is quite easy to find the right door product, there are many door companies are available. We can go to the store and purchase the door and attaché it in our house. Usually the door at the store has standards sizes and models. If we want to make special size then we can go to the woodworking workshops that are available to make the door with special forms.
But to get the maximum benefit from the wooden door, we should be able to choose the right products. Here are some things we should consider when choosing wooden door
  • Choose the right wood
Wood has many types and not all wood are suitable to make door. To make door we need the wood which is strong, hard and durable. The doors and windows that are placed at the outer wall should be strong enough to withstand the sunlight, heat, wind, rain and the outdoor weather. Then he needs to be made from the wood that could resist the outdoor weather. The teak wood, oak, meranti are some of wood species that are durable for outside door. While for inside room door, there are more wood can be used. Most of hardwood such as: mahogany, mende, meranti, rubber wood, etc. can be used. We can also use the special wood such as walnut, sonokeling, ulin, etc.  
  • Make sure the wood is properly processed.
To be strong and durable, the wood needs to be properly processed and treated. The wet wood will lead to big problem, such as: construction, finishing and mold. Some types of wood are also at high risk for insect attack. First, make sure the wood that is used to make the door is dry; the moisture content about 10% is recommended for most of wood product.  Some wood that has particularly risk of insect attack should be chemically treated with the insect repellent.
  • The proper construction and installation.
The proper construction is very important when we deal with the wood products including the wood door.  The wood will always contract according with the changes in humidity environment. If it is not handled properly, the wood contraction will lead to the construction problem such as: wood cracking and warping. Then we should prepare some room for the wood construction. It is safer to make door with some small panels which are framed and united instead of a wide and long panel. If we need a big size straight door, then a laminated wood is better option than a big sizes panel wood.
  • The proper finishing.
Wooden doors are usually installed in a finished condition. The finishing layer serves to add the artistic value of the door and also to protect the door. The artistic value of the door can be maximized with the proper finish. There are many finishing style and model can be choose according to the theme of the room or the building. For doors that are used in the inside wall, there are many choices of finishing materials can be used; the nitrocellulose, water based, acid curing, polyurethane or even the traditional finishing material such as: shellac or varnish can be used to make the nice looked wood door finish. But for the door that are mounted on the outside wall, then finishing layer should also be strong enough to withstand the outdoor weather. The exterior finishing material such as: spar varnish, outdoor polyurethane, outdoor water based or polyester finish material are recommended. 

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