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Wood for house.

Wood has been used to make houses since long time ago. In the past when people still live with the forest and wood abundantly available, most all house are made of wood. Wood was used to make frame, fences, walls, flooring and construction of the houses. When the lumber prices being more expensive and more building material with less price are discovered then the uses of wood for houses is become less. But the wood for houses is not completely disappeared. The main construction for houses might has been replaced by concrete, brick or metal, but wood is still much used to make the room decoration such as the wall, floor or ceiling. Even there are many wooden houses which uses wood as the main element still found today. The wooden house in the modern living is more used as place for relax and bring the atmosphere of fresh, natural and cool. The wooden houses in small sizes are built in the park or garden as a place to rest and relax. The wood may not used to build the big building, but used to bring the natural looked in the decoration

the open wood house for take rest and relax

The benefit of wood.
  • Wood is a material that is elastic and shock absorber
Wood as construction material has good resistance to the shock and absorbs the dissipation vibration. The wooden house is the best options for the earthquake-prone area. With proper construction, the wooden house will be able to absorb and withstand the shock from the earthquake. The wooden house is also more secure due to its less damage if there is big earthquake.
  • Wood is easy to be uninstalled remodeled and repaired.
The wood house provides high flexibility to the replacement. Each piece of wood parts can be easily retrieved, re assembled or replaced.  The wooden house can be designed to be knocked down to be uninstalled, moved and re installed at the new place.
  • Wood is a good insulator material.
The dry wood is a good insulator material for the heat, cold, sound and electricity. The house with wooden walls provides protection against heat and cold from the outside weather.  
  • Wood has a beautiful appearance
Wood is a natural material that has high aesthetic value. With the proper model and finishing the wood will give a beautiful and attractive appearance.

wood house

Disadvantages of wood
  • Wood is a material that is relatively easy to be damage
Instead of its flexibility the wood is easy to be damaged. He is susceptible to biological, chemical and physical degrade. The fungi, and bacteria and insects are the organism that could destroy the wood. Wood also will wear and degrade chemically and physically according to the time
  • Wood is flammable.
The main unsure of the wood is hydrocarbon; a high combustible material. Traditionally wood is used as fuel. It was used as feed for furnaces, stoves for cooking and even transportation machine such as boats or trains. Therefore the design and construction of the wooden house should be made by considering to its fire risk.
  • Wood will move with the changing seasons.
Wood is a hygroscopic material that absorbs water and release water according to its environment. The wood will expand and contract according to the air humidity. The construction of wooden house should consider to the wood movement according to the season.

Maintenance of wooden house.

Live in the wooden house is very pleasant; the atmosphere of fresh, relax and natural provided is attracting many people to build the wood house. But to make the wood last longer, then he should be nurtured and cared for properly. Here are some tips to maintain the wooden house.
  • Keep the wood to be dry.
Water is one of the biggest enemies of the wood.  The water in small amount if it is absorbed by the wood will expand the wood and could give problem according to the dimension changing. The water that is absorbed by the wood for a long time lead to the wood to be rotten and weathered. The wet wood also attract mold and bacteria to grow on that will ruin the appearance and strength of the wood.
Keeping the wood to be dry is the main step to make the wood last longer. The wood for floor, poles, crossing and frame should be placed on cement or stone to avoid the water from the earth.    
  • Use the proper finishing.
There are many kind of finishing material has provided by the modern finishing material industry to make the wood products to be more durable, long lasting and attractive. But we need to choose the proper finishing material to find its benefit. For example: use the exterior finishing material if the wood product is used for outdoor, use the water-resistant finishing materials if the wood is used to hold water. .
  • Chemically treatment.
There are many insects and bacteria that could attack the wood. To preserve the wood against the biological degradation then we may need the anti fungal and anti insect chemical. There are many type of anti insect and anti fungi chemical are available. They are specifically made to preserve the wood against some specific wood enemy. Every wood type and environment condition cold have high risk to be attacked by some specific insects and bacteria. Use the right chemical according to the type of insects and fungi or bacteria that potentially damage the wood.

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