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Wood for fence.

Wooden fence will bring the attractive appearance for building, yard, park or garden. The wooden fence is more than a barrier, it also bring the special atmosphere to the house and land inside. The wooden fence will bring the naturally and environmentally friendly atmosphere. Homes with the open wood fence means that he opens for a warm relationship with his neighbors. Country atmosphere and camaraderie is the message brought by the wooden fence.

wood fence,

house with wood fence

But when we choose the wood fences we need to understand that the fence is used for outdoor. The fence must be specially design to accept malignancy of the outdoor weather. The fence has to withstand the heat and U.V. ray from the sunlight, the cold temperature at the night, the wind blowing, the rain and even snowfall. The materials and finishing for the wooden fence must be quite strong and resist to the outdoor conditions. The proper design and construction is also important thing to make durable and long lasting wood fence.

Here are some tips to make the wooden fence.
  • Choose the proper wood.

Wooden fences should be treated like the other outdoor wood products. We need to use the right wood. Although wood is material that is naturally easy to degrade, but apparently there are some types of natural wood that are relatively has high resistant to the outdoor uses. Teak, oak, acacia, pine wood are some type of wood that commonly used for outdoor wood products. They are well-known as the durable wood for outdoor uses.
  • The proper construction and installation.
The proper construction and installation is another important trick to build a durable wooden fence. The wood construction is simply based on two things: to keep the moisture content of wood stable by avoid the wood to absorb water and avoid the wood from a direct contact with the soil.

wood capping

 capping at the top end of the wood fence

We can minimize the water absorption by closing the end grain at the top of the fences. It is the part that gets water from rainfall, keep it open will let the wood to absorb the rain and raises the moisture content of the wood. We can use a special waterproof sealant or coating to coat the top or install roof at the top of the wood fence. The tapered end at the top is the other tricks to let the water flow fast and reduce the absorption by the wood. While the bottom end should be hang on and kept open as the point to release the water from inside the wood. The open bottom construction make the naturally drying of the wood occur fast; the inside water flow down and finally be drained at the open bottom end.

wood overhanging
the bottom end is hang on

concrete wood base

concrete construction for the wood fence foot

The wood connection with soil must be avoided. The connection of the wood with the ground will bring water into from the wet land to raise, go to the wood and increase the moisture content of wood. The ground will also invite the biological wood enemies; the wood fungi and insects. Each wood pillar that is planted in the ground must be placed the on the cement or stone or other waterproof material. Make sure there is no connection between the wood and the ground to block the water, insects or fungi from the earth to penetrate to the wood.
  • The proper finishing layer.
Wooden fences are placed and used at outdoor. He needs the special wood finishing that is able to give protection the wood form the outdoor weather. The stain and coating used must be strong enough to withstand the UV rays from the sunlight, water from rainfall, the wind blow and even the snow or ice fall. Fortunately there are many special finishing materials have been provided by the finishing material industry to be used for outdoor wood finish.
  • The design and model.
The fence is part of the houses and buildings; therefore he also built the atmosphere to the home and building. Make sure the fence has interesting appearance according to the house theme. We will see our fence every time we visit our house; we need to ensure that we also love our fence appearance as well as the building. Fences together with the house, garden and yard should be able to bring the comfortable feel for the occupant.

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