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Termite, the natural creature to destroy wood.

Termite is the natural wood destroyer machine. Termites eat wood and decompose them become the earth element. The insect is the nature creation to destroy the wood to let the recycling process of the wood is happened. Although there are several types of termites, but actually they have very similar character. Termites live in a colony which is controlled by a queen. There three types of termites in the colony, the moth, workers and soldiers. Queen termite is tasked to produce termite eggs that will produce new termites. when the eggs hatch she become the moth (the baby termite). They can grow up to be 3 types of beings: the worker, soldier and alates. The workers termite are assigned to gather food and to build nest for the entire colony. The soldiers are tasked to control the worker, maintain the safety and security of the entire colony. The alates is the termite that come from the fertilized eggs. The alates have wings to fly and go out  to find new place, reproduce and building new colony. Most of the alates are death in their journey, but the alates that could find the suitable place will build the new colony and become the queen or king of the new colony.
Termites eat wood from the rest of the log, dead tree, fence and every wood were piled on the ground. Actually the termite activity to eat and destroy the wood is a natural thing, to let the process of recycling and regeneration of the wood keep going. The termite decomposes the wood to let them fused with the soil and absorbed by the new plant.
Termites become problem for human life because he damage the wood and wood product that is still used in human life. Wood and wood products in the outdoors that is sitting on the ground such as: logs, planks, fences, outdoor furniture are susceptible for the termites attacked. Termites are also found in the house attacking the doors, house frames, timber walls or floors. Termites are also found attacking wood products such as: indoor furniture, paper, plywood and mdf. The termite is part form the nature, then to exterminate them is impossible. What we suppose to do is to control and avoid them to destroy our stuff. 

termite attacked for the wood

termite attacked at the wood

Here are some things we can do to prevent termite infestation.
  •   Choose wood that is resistant to termites for furnishing and framing the house.
In fact there are some types of wood that are naturally not favored by this insect. For example the teak wood that is harvested at the right time has oil inside that make it is not liked by this insect.  Some other hard such as: kamper, Kruing, ulin are also having a high resistance to termites.
  • Keep the wood and wood product away from direct contact with the ground.
Termites live in the ground, the colony develops and spreads trough the earth. Termites that are out from the ground will built the soil nest by decomposing the wood otherwise they will die. Even the most resistant wood is susceptible to termite attack when he placed outdoors in contact with the ground.  Use the base of a stone or cement that cannot be penetrated by termites basic for the wood poles, fences, doors, frames or house.
  • Keep the termite susceptible wood far away from the house.
Termites will spread from one colony to establish a colony nearby when he find the suitable conditions. The wood that is susceptible for the termite attack would be an ideal place for the growth of the new colony. Get close with the termite colony will increase for the termite attacked. The colony will send moths or alates that have the potential to form a new colony nearby.
  • Seal the wood with finishing materials.
Layering the wood with chemical can be used to prevent termite infestation in wood. Some chemical such as: oil, teer are not liked by the termites. Modern finishing materials such as: coatings and paint will also inhibit the termites to penetrate into the wood.
  • Chemically preservation to the wood.
The wood treatment with the anti insect chemical is the quite expensive and effective to prevent termite infestation. Treatment with anti insect chemical will make wood to be toxic and is not liked termites. An integrated chemically treatment in the woodworking process is one of the best ways to produce the wood product with resistant to the insect attacked.
  • Treatment with the termite killer chemical.
If we find any termites in our home then the only way is killed them before they damage and destroy the entire building. We could use termite killer chemical. There are many companies that offer pest control treatment and termite extermination in the home or building. The combat termite infestation is the only way to stop the termite attacked that appears in the house or wood products that we have. However the process is a relatively expensive. The treatment process should be carried out continuously with a repetition every few time (once a year or every 6 months).

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