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Butyl cellosolve for furniture finishing

Butyl cellosolve is important solvent in finishing industry. Butyl cellosolve (also called Glycol Ether EB or water miscible glycol ether) is solvent with very low evaporation rate. This solvent has lower evaporation rate than the water. His ability to solve the resin and paint and dissolved each other with water make the butyl cellosolve become the important element in the coating thinner. Butyl cellosolve serves as a “bridge” between the water with the resin. He help to make the process of coalescing of the waterbase coating. In the application of the waterbase coatings, the drying process is started with the evaporation of the water as the main thinner. The after all the water has evaporated the curing and coalescing of the coating is done by the evaporation of the glycol ether that is left at the mixture. Finally the dry and hard film is build when all the solvents have evaporated. 

Butyl cellosolve is also used some in the solvent base coating. It can be used to thin the synthetic and enamel coatings. Some finishing material suppliers add butyl cellosolve in the lacquer thinner. The butyl cellosolve in the thinner make the lacquer dry slower; he acts as retarder. But since it has character to absorb water then the uses of butyl cellosolve should be properly controlled. Too much butyl cellosolve can result to the problem at the film layer such as: blushing, or soft film.  Moreover, this solvent cannot be used in the finishing materials that are sensitive to the water. The solvent base PU coating cannot contain this solvent. The water in butyl cellosolve will react with the isocyanate and interfere the drying process.
The other uses are for disinfectant and cleaner liquid for industrial and household stuff. This material is also worked as a rust remover to clean the rust at the surface of iron. This material also can be added some into the paint thinner or acetone to wash off the finishing material layer. It will help the washing process for the one component coating film layer such as: NC, water based and other 1 component finishing material.

The physical properties of the Butyl cellosolve can be viewed below :

Specific Gravity                             :  0.9
Boiling Point:                                  : 171°C
Evaporation Rate                            :   0.06 ( Evaporation of  Butylacetate =1)
Vapor Density                                 :   4.07  
Solubility in Water                           :   100% soluble    
Auto ignition Temperature               :   Not applicable 
Flash Point                                      :  160°c   

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