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Fumigation in the woodworking industry.

Fumigation is the process of fuming of poisonous gas to cope the insect attacks. The poisonous gas is purposed to kill all pests and the living organism (larva, pupa, and imago). The fumigation is considered standard process to the furniture, handicraft and wood product before it shipped to the destination country. Most countries in the world require the fumigation process for the incoming products that have high risk for the pest infection. Furniture, handicrafts and the products made from wood or natural substrates are high risk to be infected by insects. they need to be fumigate before it shipped to ensure it free from the pest.
The fumigation process is done by covering the product with close container and fumes the gas into the container. The poisonous gas will kill all insects and organism inside.  For the products that are placed in the ship container, the fumigation process can be done by spraying gas into the container before the product is shipped.
The fumigant that is used to do the fumigation are the poisonous gas that will kill the pest and insect by respiratory healed. The fumigant that is widely used in Indonesia is the: Methyl Bromide, phosphine, Ethylene Oxide, and Sulfuril fluoride. The methyl bromide treatment currently is limited since it can affect the ozone layer. The most widely uses fumigant that is the phosphine.
Although fumigation is a very effective to kill insects or creatures that infect the product, but actually the process cannot guarantee to the product to be free from insect attack. The fumigant gas cannot be absorbed by the product, means it will go and disappear after certain time. The fumigation will only kill organisms that alive at the time when the stuff is fumed by the gas. The fumigation will kill the termite, wood borer and bug that infect the product but it won’t kill the eggs that have not hatched. After the fumigant gas has evaporated completely, the product will be susceptible to the insect attack. If there is any insect eggs hatch, they will be born and attack the wood products. The fumigation is also cannot give protection o the new insects fly and alighted at the product after the product is free from toxic gas.
In the pest control we can do fumigation periodically to control the insect attack to the wood houses or building. The chemically treatment to the wood or natural product could be more effective way to prevent the insect attacked. The proper chemically treatment will make the wood products be toxic and not liked by the insects. See our previous article: the insect attacked to the wood product

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