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Color room for furniture factory.

Color room or color box is a special room that is specially design to see and check the color. Color room is required in the factory or industry that is dealing with color and finishing. In the furniture factories the color room is used to help to check and view the color to be more accurate. The furniture factories are always need to check and view the color when he start developing and matching color panels that is going to be used for reference in the production. 
When the furniture factory get a color panel form its buyer, then he need to make color panel and finishing system to match the panel. Color development is complex work especially when we have to match color panel from the designer or buyer; the different substrate, the different finishing material and the different facilities could make the matching color to be difficult to do. Especially when we dealing with the wood that has variation in the character and properties.
According to color theory, the color of the object is highly depend to the light that shone the object. Color theory says that the color that is visible by an object comes from the wavelengths that are reflected by the object, whereas the other wavelengths are absorbed by the object. Then actually we need a standard light to check the color to get the consistence result.
In the furniture finishing industry usually we use the daylight as the light source when we check the color, but in fact the daylight is not the same every time. The sun's rays can be changed according to the climate and weather, the sunlight even can vary between morning, afternoon and evening. The situation could be problem in the matching color process, especially when we use the different substrate and finishing material. When we compared two color panels ( the panel standard and the counter panel) we could get difference result every time.  For example when we check the counter color panel with the standard, sometime we get good matched in the morning, but when we do check the same panels at the afternoon, then they could be looked difference. The variation can also happened when we change the location where we check the color panels.
The color room is the facility to minimize this color problem. With the color room as a standard room to do checking and viewing color then we can minimize the environment factors in color checking. In the color room we use the same light and we would have the same light every time times; the light in the room will not influenced by the day and the environment condition  .
Color room is particularly needed when we develop color panel
(to be used as production standard) to match with a color panel  standard (from the furniture buyer). The matching color could be difficult since usually we use different substrates and different finishing material. In this condition, the variation in the light that hit the object could affect the color result. The color room as the standard room to check the color help the color viewing to be more consistence and accurate. 
The color room is also help to check the product samples that will be used as reference in the production. with many light that is lightened to the object we can view the sample accurately. We can see and fine the defect and problem at the sample accurately.    

color room in the wood finishing

color room in the furniture finishing

How to make the color room.

Color room can be made with simple way. We can build a room that is  need to equipped with series of lights arranged and directed to the center of the room that is used for checking color. The light used  must be the natural light, (the light with wavelength same as the day light). The light
bulbs there and fluorescence lamp are booth needed to complete the light at the color room. The adjustable switch are needed to set and adjust the light intensity.

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