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Molding machine for woodworking

Molding is one of the basic machine in the woodworking industry. Molding machine in woodworking is working to shape and form wood products with a particular size and shape. Formation of wood products certainly is not done by heating and melts the wood and pours it as the molding in the metal, plastic, metal or glass industry. Molding machine for woodworking works by using knives to cut and shape the wood planks to make any profiles and forms. With the proper settings any timber that is fed into the machine will come out with uniform size and shape. Wood molding machine is a machine with a series of blades that can be set and adjusted so that the wood to shape wood into the desired shape and size.
The machine has several blades mounted on the tool. Knives can be mounted on a tool to cut every side; the upper, left, right and bottom side. With this machine the wood block can be directly cut and shaped according to the desired shape. When the machine is first time developed, it worked manually. A skilled people is needed to set the knifes and the make the shape, but the modern machine are developed with the computer program. Hardware and software is equipped at the machine to  let the machine can be controlled by the computer program. The machine is available to read the drawing for the product and run the machine to form and cut the wood block according to the picture drawing.

Various wood products and components such as:  legs, posh, doors, frames, etc. can be made with this machine with high production speed and precise size. Molding is basic machine but it work very well to make any profile and shape. It the suitable machine for the woodworking industry that make many components in big amount and require precise size.
Molding is helpful tool to make doors, windows, cribs, and knock down furniture product that need many components with large amount. This machine is also needed to make flooring, decking and frame in big amount. With the proper setting, the wood can be fed into the machine are out from the machine with the desired shape and profile. The product out form the molding then can be sanded to make the final product or component that can go for the next process.  

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