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How to take care cup gun

Cup gun is still an important tool in the finishing industry until today. Cup gun is the best equipment to do the finishing process in small scale work. Cup gun is the main tool in finishing workshops or small furniture factories. In the big scale furniture industry the spray gun is still needed to do the touch up work and do the sample. 
To get the maximum benefit with this equipment then we need to do the proper care and maintenance. The proper maintenance actually is simple thing, but it is very important to keep the tool to be long lasting. The failure in the treatment of spray gun will bring us to big loss; the damage tool that needs expensive repair costs and the wasting time caused by the interrupted job because of the improper tool. Then if we uses spray gun then we need to care it properly to maintain the tool.

Here some tips to maintain and care the cup gun
  • Always clean the spray gun after it is being used.
The best time to clean spray gun is right after is being used, when the finishing materials in the equipment is still wet. The wet finishing material can be dissolved easily with the thinner or solvent. When it is wet, the cup gun can be cleaned easily with thinner or solvent. The dry finishing material either coating or stain will stick hard at the equipment and requires big effort to detach it from the finishing tools. The thermosetting finishing materials such as: PU, AC, or other catalyzed coating cannot be dissolved after it dry. They will be very difficult to be removed from the device. Be late in the cleaning will make the cleaning process is hard and difficult and even have high risk to damage the device.

The cleaning of the spray gun can be done as follow:
Pour out all of the finishing material in the cup, then pour in the clean thinner of acetone into the cup. Clean the cup with brush or rag to make all the material inside the cup is dissolved. Then pour out the dirty thinner to the trash. Enter clean thinner and spray the thinner out from the spray gun to clean the nozzle, needle and the inside part of the spray gun. Remove the cap and needle from the device and clean them separately. Use brush, toothbrush or rag with clean thinner.  

cleaning the spray gun

Generally can be cleaned easily with this simple process, but if necessary we can dissemble the spray gun and clean each parts. But it must be done carefully; make sure we use the proper wrench to do it, make sure we assemble it correctly after we finish cleaning.
  • Avoid the uses of  hard metal needle to clean the spray gun
We often get problems with the air cap or nozzle clogging. If this happens then we can use a toothpick, brush or toothbrush to clean it. Avoid the uses of metal needle or other hard stuff since it could alter the size of the hole and make the tool to be unprecise.
  • Store the spray gun in the dry and clean condition.
The cup gun should be stored in the dry and clean condition. It should not contain thinner or any finishing material inside. The thinner can dry out and leave droppings in the equipment. The finishing material inside the spray gun could bring to a bigger problem. It can dry and hard to damage the tool. The clean and dry spray gun is also easy to be carried and ready to be used any time needed. 
Spray gun also should not be soaked in paint thinner for a long time. Spray gun has some silk and lubricants inside that can be dissolved and damaged if soaked in the thinner for long time.
  • Avoid too often in disassembling the spray gun.
Although the spray gun can be dissembled for cleaning and repairing, but it should avoided as much as we can. Do the disassembled only when we really need; make sure we install and re assemble every part properly. Too often disassemble the tool will take long time to re install and even potentially to damage the tool if we can’t do it correctly.  
  • Consult with the supplier for equipment for better maintenance.
Every tool has a specific structure and parts. It may need a special care and maintenance. When we buy the cup gun, make sure we get enough information about how to use, to care and to maintain it. Ask for the guide book and make sure we understand it. With enough information will help us to do the maintenance and care the spray gun properly.

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