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Material for outdoor wood finish.

The outdoor wood product needs the stronger and more durable finish. The outdoor products get challenges far greater than the indoor products. Different with the indoor condition that is always stable with relatively same condition, the outdoor condition could be fluctuate from the hot temperature at the day to the cold a the night, for the dry air to the wet and humid air. There are also rain, water and wind that could wear the product quickly. See our previous article: wood finish for outdoor uses.
When we see the challenge that must be faced by the outdoor product then we can understand the "high requirement" of the outdoor wood finish. The exterior finish is expected to provide enough protection to the sunlight, temperature changes, water and any problem from the outside weather. More than that, the exterior finish is also still expected to provide the beauty value to the product. The finish must be able to make the wood product to be more interesting and better looked. To fulfill the requirement then the outdoor finish must be specially formulated and usually  they are more expensive then the indoor finish. Pigments and resins used are made from materials that have high resistant to sunlight, water and outside weather. Some additive may be added to strengthen the resistance to the uv light, climate and water.
Usually the outdoor finishing material is also need longer drying time. It makes the finishing process need longer time and the expensive at he cost. However we must use the exterior finish for the outdoor product. The wood product that is used for outdoor uses such as: outdoor furniture, wood fence, wood house, gazebo, outside door and windows need outdoor finishing material to get enough protection against the outside weather. The improper finishing system to the outdoor product will be big waste. The finishing will be faded and wear off in few months and leave the damaged wood product.
We can easily recognize the finishing materials for outdoor uses by read the material specifications written in the cans or we can ask the specification to the chemical supplier.  All finishing materials used for outdoor surely has his specifications written as materials for outdoor uses.

outdoor furniture

Here are some types of finishing materials commonly used for outdoor wood finish.
  • Outdoor oil
Oil finish is the traditional finishing material that is still used until now. Some of the wood oil has high resistance and can be used for outdoor. The oil finish is applied simply by wiping of brushing directly to the wood and will give the naturally wood looked.  But the oil finish won’t give real protection to the wood.  The oil can only give very thin layer to the wood. Outdoor oil is only suitable for the products from the hard and strong wood. The oil finish usually is also need the re coating after certain period of time.  
  • Outdoor varnish.
There is several type of varnish. The outdoor varnish or spar varnish is the varnish for outdoor uses. Spar varnish can produce a film layer that can provide protection to the wood substrate. Varnish can close the pores to make the wood to be more stable. However spar varnish is relatively limited at the choice for the finishing colors and looked. Spar varnish is usually used for transparent colors only. Theoretically we can add pigment to make the solid color, but practically it is difficult to be done. If the solid color is needed then we better use the water based or PU outdoor.
  • Outdoor water based coating.
The water based coatings and paint has some type that is specially formulated for outdoor uses. The outdoor water based coating is also has wide range of product. They are available in the form of coating, stain and glaze. Many color and model of wood finishing can be generated by using the water based coating, stain and glaze. The paint for opaque color is also available in many color. The water based coating is able to built a strong and durable film layer to give the protection the to wood. The wide range of sheen of top coat is available. With the proper system and technique we can make any finish color and model.  
  • PU outdoor
There are many type of PU (polyurethane) finishing material. The outdoor PU is the type that is specifically made for exterior uses. PU outdoor is the modern finishing material that has complete range of finishing materials. He has the sealer and top coat with many sheen. The PU also can be used in combination with outdoor stain, glaze or pigment to make any color. The PU also can built a thick film layer to cover the wood grain and pores to keep the wood moisture content.
  •  Polyester
Polyester is a very strong finishing materials. This material can also be used for outdoor finish with high resistant finishing results. But this material is quite difficult to be handled. It is quite rare to be used in wood finishing industry. 

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