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CNC Machine for woodworking

The CNC (computer numerical control) machine is the machine that is operated by a computer. The CNC machines now are widely used in any industry including the woodworking industry.  In the modern woodworking industry the computer programs are commonly used to control and run the machine to form the wood to make components.  It is big help to the woodworking and furniture industry. With the modern CNC machine, then the process of making furniture components can be done much faster, safer with consistent result. The old process with manually process to form the wood is hard and need big effort. The woodworking processes to form the wood highly depend to the condition to the operator.  The output is highly depending to the operator condition, the variation to the operator skill and power will highly affect to the consistency and quantity of the output. The manual process is also dangerous since it let the man to always nearby with the machine. 
With the CNC machine, then we let the computer program to run the machine. The result is the consistent product, the faster process, less man power and safer process.  What we need is to set the machine and the program properly and let it work automatically. The CNC machine now is very advanced; most of the modern cnc machine can be operated easily. The machine new can read the technical drawing; we can just insert the drawing into the machine brain and let him work.  The computer programming is also available in many woodworking processes. Many woodworking processes such as: cutting, sharpening, boring, and caving now can be done with the cnc machine.
CNC machining technology is now very advanced. Currently, CNC machines are available with many functions, from cutting panels to specified sizes and shapes, or to forming 3-dimensional objects or components with accurate and precise form and size. CNC machine is available to create carvings for panels or components. With this machine, we can form various kinds of goods and components with various kinds, shapes and sizes in big volume with precise form and consistent results.

CNC machine for panel

However, of course this machine should be used wisely. The machine is only equipment; it will give the maximum benefit only when it is properly used. Here are some things need to be considered when we want to run the cnc machine:
  • The CNC machine will require operator and maintenance that understand about the computer program.
This machine works by using the program computer as the brain. To serve the machine then we need to insert the drawing and program that can be read by the machine software. There could be trouble caused by the software problem. With the fast development at the software then we may need to update the software to make it keep work. To handle the machine with its aspects, then the knowledge about the software is needed to complete the woodworking knowledge and skill. 
  • CNC needs the good condition of the apparatus.
The role of the CNC is to move the apparatus with certain motion. But the process of forming the wood is depend to the mechanical tool that work to cut, bore and form the wood. The knives, bore and the other cutting tool is very important factor to get the good result. To get the good result then we need to keep the mechanical tool and apparatus to be in the good condition. Equipment also must be installed properly, make sure it is quite stable to let the tool forming the wood.
  • The volume of the job.
The machine work to make product at the same size and form in big amount. But when the different size or form of the component is made, then he machine has to be stopped and set up with new setting. The same feed is also needed by the machine to make the same result. The machine is more suitable to make the product or component with the same size, form and model in big amount. If the volume is not quite big, then we may waste lot of time and energy to set and warm up the machine. Since the big variation of the wood, then we may also need to consider to the variation properties at the wood.

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  2. Well, I must say it is a great help for the wood workers. Wood working has never been an easy task and it always asks for several precautions. The CNC machine shared by you is really very much effective and useful for the wood workers making it easy for them to create beautiful and unique wood craft with less chances of errors.

    1. Yes it is
      The skilled woodworker actually can give the more valuable result then the machine does. The woodworker can give the art touch for the product.

      Thanks you

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