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Cleanliness of the finishing room.

Finishing room is a working place that is very easy to get dirty. Dust from the sanding process, spray process can quickly contaminate the finishing room and make the room to be dusty and dirty. Finishing materials mostly are liquid that can easily be spilled, splashed or littering at the floor, walls and the equipment in the room. The wastes that are not managed correctly can be easily attached to any object in the room and make the dirty. It is not p[possible to get the finishing room to be very clean as the office room or hotel room, however we always could keep the finishing room to keep clean and tidy as a working place.
The clean, tidy and well managed finishing room actually will give lot of benefits and should be considered as a profitable investment for the finishing workshop and the business.

Here are some of the benefits of the clean and tidy finishing room.
  • Reduce the fire risk.
Finishing room is a place that has high risk of fire disaster. There is lot of paint, thinner and solvents, that are inflammable. The room usually is the place of many wooden product that are also flammable, any small ignition fire in the room will easily trigger to an uncontrolled fire. That way, it is very important to keep the finishing room to clean and tidy.  The room that is clean, clear and tidy will help the people inside to quickly see and detect any unusual things that could lead to the big disaster. By that we can anticipate any danger arising before it largely blooms to be big disaster. 
  • Increase the work performance and efficiency.
The room which is clean and tidy will bring a comfortable atmosphere to any people inside. The people inside will be easily to take the material, equipment, tool needed when he need to handle the work. This good condition will save time and energy to any people while working and then impacting to increase the productivity. The clean room will help to get the proper mixing, staining and coloring to get the proper finish color and looked. 
The clean room will also reduce the risk of any accidents. The finally is also ended to the high efficiency of the work
  • Give customer confidence.
The clean finishing room is the most effective ways to give the good impression to our customers and easily brings our customer respect and trust. The workplace is the picture of our working condition. The clean and tidy workplace automatically shows that we have high control to the job and the whole working process. 

Well with so many benefits we got, then it is very reasonable if we consider to allocate time, effort and energy to maintain and keep the room finishing to keep clean. All the effort we give to maintain the neatness and cleanliness of finishing room should not be considered as expenses but is a reasonable investment that will return as great profit in the end.

Here are some tips to keep the finishing room.

cleaning the finishing room

broom to clean the dust in the finishing room

  • Discipline and willingness.
To maintain the cleanliness of the room should always be started from willingness. With the strong will, then we can easily arrange the necessary steps and keep doing it consistently. The process to keep the room to be clean is actually simple things that can easily be done by everybody, but must be done consistently. The most important aspect is to male the good habit to everybody in the work circumstance. With the clear rule and high discipline than we can make the good habit to keep the finishing room to be clean ever time.
  • Always clean the spilled, sparked and splashed, material, dirty tool and scattered objects as soon as possible.
The cleaning process to the finishing material will always easier be done when the material is still wet. All finishing material can be cleaned easily when the material is in liquid form. Dry finishing materials will stick tightly to the surface and are very difficult to be detached from the surface. Then it is recommended to immediately clean whenever there is a splash, spill or melt finishing materials on floors, walls, tool or furniture in the room. Every tool and equipment must be clean and washed and dried soon after them being used.
  • Make the schedule to cleaning and maintenance to the facilities and the room and its accessories periodically.
The room and its big accessories such as the wall, ceiling, spray booth, etc.  are need the periodically cleaning. The finishing process will always generate the dust at the room. Sweep, mop or suck the floor with the dust collector to clean the dust everyday. The spray booth, the wall, ceiling and the room may are also need to be cleaned every time depend to the work lot.
  • Make the design and layout of the room to make it can be cleaned easily.
To support the good will to make the cleanliness, then we have to support it with the proper arrangement, facility tool to easier the process. Make a simple layout that to accommodate the cleaning process for the room and its accessories. Every equipment and tools must be made of the material that can be cleaned easily. The top for working table must be made from steel plate that can be cleaned easily.
There is a special coating (strippable coating) that is designed to be easy strip off  and be removed from the underneath surface. We can remove easily the coating layer and leave the object inside keep clean. We can use the coating to cover the wall, spray booth box and any other big object. The coating will do as a plastic layer to cover and protect the object from any dust, dirt and finishing material. When we do cleaning, then we can easily removed the paint later and get the clean object inside.

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