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Problems and Solutions

Every peoples who works in the finishing process will always face problems, sometime.  The problems actually are the most important part in our life to increase our expertise and knowledge. So, anytime we find problems it should be considered as the best chance to increased our capacity of skill and knowledge.
Every problems in the finishing is always situational. How to solve each problem is really depend on the condition and situation where the problem happen. But however we can learn with the experiences from the peoples in the past. Here some common finishing problems that are mostly happened in the finishing process that can be used as guide in dealing with similar problems.
  1. Blotchy color in the finishing
  2. Blue stain in the wood 
  3. Blushing in the finishing
  4. Bubble in the finishing
  5. Bubble in the veneer 
  6. Clarity in the furniture finishing
  7.  Color checking in the furniture finishing
  8. Color problem in the wood finishing 
  9. Crack in the wood furniture
  10. Crackle problem in the finishing 
  11. Crater problem in furniture factory 
  12. Crater in the wood finishing 
  13.  Dust spray problem in the furniture finishing 
  14.  Fungi problem since the wet wood  
  15. Gloss problem in the wood finishing
  16.  Glue splotches in the wood furniture finishing 
  17. Insects problem in the wood furniture
  18.  Mold problem in the finishing
  19.  Oil problem in the teak wood furniture 
  20. Oil in the pine wood
  21.  Orange peel in the finishing
  22. Streak problem in the wood finishing
  23. Swirl mark problem in the wood finishing
  24. The soft finishing layer
  25.  Teak oil problem 
  26. Termite problem
  27.  The common problem in the varnish application
  28. The risk of wet wood 
  29. Yellowing in the furniture finishing 

Finishing story

  1.  A story about  a great furniture finishing man
  2.  Finish the furniture for exhibition
  3.  The fire risk of glaze
  4.  Fire in the finishing shop 
  5.  Adhesion problem in a furniture factory 
  6. Fire in the spray booth 
  7. Finishing for wood sculpture 
  8. Oil problem in the teak wood furniture 
  9. Crater problem in a furniture factory 
  10. Fungi problem since the wet wood