" " wisno wood furniture finishing: Tips, tricks and techniques

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tips, tricks and techniques

Furniture finishing tips tricks and techniques
    1.  Finishing for wood veneered panel
    2. Graining in the wood finishing
    3.  Hand pad in the wood finishing
    4. Highlight the stain 
    5. How to apply PU coating
    6. How to apply stain
    7.  How to apply glaze
    8.  How to brush the glaze  
    9.  How to brush the glaze (Dry brush glaze) 
    10.  How to brush the varnish  
    11.  How to brush the wood stain
    12.  How to make antique looked with glaze
    13. How to choose the furniture
    14. How to choose the finishing for furniture
    15.  How to choose wood flooring 
    16.  How to care the furniture  
    17.  How to care the finish 
    18. How to make antique aluminum finish 
    19. How to make antique texture aluminum finish
    20.  How to make antique black finish 
    21. How to make antique gold finish 
    22. How to make antique pine finish
    23. How to make antique rust finish (chemically)
    24. How to make antique white with wash technique   
    25. How to make antique texture finish for metal  
    26. How to make brush lacquer finish
    27.  How to make cherry finish 
    28. How to make color with the triangle color diagram 
    29. How to make color in furniture finishing 
    30. How to make crackle finish with crackle lacquer 
    31.  How to make crackle finish with latex paint
    32. How to make antique light mahogany finish 
    33. How to make antique brown rattan finish
    34.  How to make dark brown mahogany finish  
    35.  How to make brown mahogany finish
    36.  How to make gold leaf finish for wood furniture 
    37.  How to make high gloss silver finish 
    38.  How to make silver leaf finish for wood furniture 
    39.  How to make liming stone finish 
    40.  How to make oak burl finish 
    41. How to make peel off finish.
    42. How to make finishing for rosewood furniture 
    43. How to make texture finish with latex paint 
    44. How to make wash finish with latex paint 
    45. How to make veneer
    46. How to make wood veneer panel
    47.  How to make paint finish for the furniture
    48.  How to paint the furniture
    49.  How to sand the wood 
    50. How to sand sealer and lacquer 
    51. How to use spray gun correctly 
    52. How to use spray gun correctly (how to stroke the gun)
    53.  How to spray shellac 
    54. How to spray stain in the wood finishing 
    55. How to spray stain
    56. How to refinish the furniture
    57.  How to refinishing  without strip of the old finish 
    58. How to strip off the finish
    59.  How to strip off waterbased finish
    60. Polyester resin finish
    61.  Rubbing and polishing 1 
    62.  Rubbing and polishing 2 
    63. Rubbing and polishing 3  
    64.  Rubbing and polishing 4
    65. Rubbing and polishing for high gloss finish
    66.  Stippling technique in wood furniture finishing 
    67. Sponging technique in the wood finishing 
    68. Tips to buy furniture online
    69.  Smudge pad in the wood finishing 
    70. Wet sanding for wood furniture finishing 


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