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Leather for furniture.

  leather for bed

Leather is substrate that is also popular to make furniture. There are many furniture models that use leather available in the furniture store. Leather can be used as the upholstery on the sofa, chair or bench or be used on top of table, or as accent in the cabinet or bed. Leather is an expensive material, but with proper design and placement the furniture product will has higher selling price. Leather on furniture can produce the impression of luxurious and expensive product.

 leather for chair
Finishing for the leather.
The technology of processing leather now is developing and very advanced. The finishing for leather is also well developed according to the development of finishing technology. This time the leather products can be found in a variety of colors and finishing models. Furniture manufacturing industry can choose a leather product with a specific color and finishing according to the model and form of furniture he made. There are many leather supplier  available to prepare the
leather with many color and type. Nevertheless there is also the possibility to the furniture industry to do the finishing process on the leather parts in its furniture. A process finishing that is done in the same time with the finishing for the furniture will increase the flexibility to produce furniture with more unified appearance. Finishing is that is done in conjunction with furniture finishing also will be more flexible to adjust the color and appearance according with the furniture color and looked.
The finishing process for the leather, of course require different process and materials different with the finishing materials for finishing the wood. It need a leather lacquer, a special clear coating that is designed to be used for leather finish. Most of the modern finishing materials for wood finish such as: stain and glaze work well with the leather lacquer. Thus, the finishing process  for leather actually can be done easily to be done simultaneously the wood finishing in the furniture finishing process.
The process of finishing to the leather, of course, require different approaches and with the finishing to the wood. These are few things must be considered in the finishing for the leather.
  •  Finishing for leather is need different materials with the wood finishing.
A finishing for the leather however uses the different finishing materials then the finishing for wood or other substrate. The leather is movable substrate that needs a flexible finishing material. Pigment and glaze for wood finishing can be used, but of course must be applied in accordance with the leather lacquer. A stain that contains a clear coating such as toner, base coat should be form with pigment mixed with clear coating for the leather.
  •  The quality of the leather
The leather product before be used for industrial usually have to go through a series processing known as the leather tanning process. The process of equating the leather will affect the quality of leather produced. The quality of this leather will affect the appearance and quality finish produced. Therefore, before doing the finishing process of the leather, we should recognize the quality of the leather. Different process may be needed to get the best finishing result. A small color panel is better made first to be viewed and tested to get the proper finishing process.

  •  Leather texture.
A finishing for the leather can be considered as finishing with a solid color. A flat, clean looked solid colors finish or finishing with antique looked can be made to the leather. The glaze application with variety techniques such as brushing, stippling or many other technique of antiquing such as spatter, cow tail, etc. can be made as needed. On finishing with flat and clean looked the appearance may major depend on the stain used, but for the antique looked the finishing looked will influenced with the texture of the leather. Therefore, before start the finishing process we should recognize the texture of the leather.

  • The model and form of the furniture.
A finishing must always conform to the model of the furniture. A proper combination of the leather finish with the wood finish is very important to produce interesting and beautiful product as well as the proper selection with the furniture model. Leather with a smooth and clean color is more proper to combine with the contemporary style. Meanwhile leather with antique dirty looked or busy looked with many special effects is more suitable for the antique furniture. 

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