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Caring the furniture.

Furniture is the household product that purchased to be used.  Every furniture products are need to be  function and sure will be damaged after being used for a long time. But with proper care the furniture product can stay longer. And the old aged wood furniture can be a valuable stuff since it can become the antique product.
To do better caring for the furniture we need to recognize the factors that cause damage to the furniture product. Some major factor which causes the furniture damage are: the physical impact, direct sunlight, oxidation, too hot temperature, water immersion. The proper maintenance for the furniture mean that we need to minimize the defects causes. 

Here, some tips in caring the furniture.
  •  Avoid the physical abuse.
The furniture products certainly will not free from the collision or physical deterioration when it used. But the hard physical abuse such as: hot object, rough object, chemical abused will make physical damage to the furniture. The too hard physical abused even be able to damage to shape or construction of the furniture. The big damage furniture even need to be repaired by strip off the finish, reconstruction,  re sanding and re finish that need to be done in the finishing shop by the carpenter expert.
Top table or top panel of the cabinet are the most frequently object to  the physical abuse. Put tablecloths on top panel or reduce the physical on the surface. Use the hot pad to place the hot cup or hot plate. Some working table even protected with glass to provide the better protection from the physical damage. But do not use plastic, because the plastic can stick to the surface finish and damage the finish.

  •  Avoid furniture from direct sunlight.
The indoor furniture usually is finished with indoor finishing materials that is not design to withstand the direct sunlight. The direct sunlight will cause damage to the finish, such color and gloss faded color. Too strong sunlight will causes the finishing peel off.  The outdoor furniture is finished with special material to withstand the weather climate, but it will deteriorate faster when it is more often exposed to sunlight.  

  •  Avoid too high temperatures.
The finish may react with the oxygen in the air to make the color changing for the finish looked and color. The high temperatures will cause the oxidation reaction is faster happened. so avoid the furniture from the heat as far as possible.
  •   Avoid stagnant water on the furniture.
Finishing layer on the furniture generally is not designed to place water. The water on the finish for long time is high risk to enter soak into the wood finishing and damaged the finishing. The water immersion also high risk to damage the furniture. It may soak the wood and swell the wood. 
Some special finish is needed to layer the parts of furniture that are often exposed to water like a bath or sink. But it should not to be used to collect the water for long time. If there any puddle of water, it should be immediately wiped and dried so it is not stagnate for too long.
  • Clean the finish with paste wax or liquid polish.
A finishing layer can be cleaned by using a liquid polish or paste wax. There are many different types of wax such as: beeswax, paraffin or carnauba wax. They made of some different material, but they have similar properties. They have been used to clean the furniture since long time ago. Apply the paste wax, covering the entire surface, let it dry for awhile, then clean up the excess with clean cloth. We may need to put pressure when apply the cloth. The smooth cloth is needed, the rough cloth is risk to scratch the finishing surface. The wax can polish the dull and dirt finish to bring back the shiny. Wax also creates a smooth and slippery surface; it can help to reduce the friction and water in small amount. The dust and water is tending to slide over rather than dig into the finish.
Liquid polish has the properties and how the application is similar to wax, but this material is a liquid. Liquid polish also works very well in cleaning dirt on the surface finish, but he will soon evaporate and leave a dry surface compared with paste wax that still leaves a wet
looked finish.


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