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Rattan shyntethics for furniture

Rattan is the raw material for making furniture that has been popular some decade ago. In the year of 1990, there are lots of rattan furniture are produced and marketed in the furniture business. There are many rattan furniture with many models are available with very competitive price.  Now the source of rattan is become difficult. The natural rattan is become rare and less available. The rattan tree naturally grow as vine tree on the big and tall wood timber in the tropical forests. When tropical forests began to diminish then the rattan tree is also become difficult to be founded.

To meet the demand for furniture industry, the raw materials industry has been created the synthetic rattan. Synthetic rattan is the substrates forms such as natural rattan but it is made synthetically. The material used to make synthetic rattan is a kind of plastic called the poly ethylene. Rattan synthetic is also available in various forms and models. The rattan wickers, posh, woven, with variety of sizes and models are available as substitution for the natural rattan. The rattan synthetics is also available in many colors and looked. Many forms and shape such as bamboo looked and  other natural materials can also be made, although the most available the rattan looked form. 

 rattan synthetic white furniture

Synthetic rattan has several advantages compared with the natural rattan. The rattan synthetics is easily sourced, more stable and elastic. It is also more durable the the natural rattan. The rattan synthetics is quite strong  to make furniture for outdoor uses. Synthetic rattan is also more practical because it can be used directly without insecticide treatment or drying process. This material can be directly used without any problems with mold, crack, warp or other problems since of the moisture content.The synthetic rattan is also been available in various colors and appearances that can be directly choose in accordance with the desired  color and appearance. Most of the synthetic rattan is used without any finishing process, although theoretically this material can be stained and finished quite well.

The  synthetic rattan is a commonly used in the manufacture of furniture in combination with other substrates such as : metal,  wood or other materials. Synthetic rattan stems wrapped in aluminum, iron or stainless steel commonly found in outdoor furniture. Wicker and rattan woven synthetic as well as are many found as the seat and back on the chairs. This material are also lot found to make the bench or even a table for outdoor furniture. 

 rattan synthetic garden furniture

Synthetic rattan are more widely used for  outdoor furniture. Synthetic rattan has good resistance to the outside weather,  better than the natural rattan. Synthetic rattan will fade if exposed to the hot sun and weather changes in the outdoor uses.  But it is still more durable than the natural rattan that  tend to become brittle and break when placed in outside.

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