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Jepara the city of wood furniture in Indonesia

Jepara is a small town located on the beach north of Central Java, about 100 km from Semarang, the capital city of central Java province. The city is well known as a place for wood furniture and wooden handicraft industry. The Jepara furniture has more artistic value since it is made by touch of handwork art. The furniture product form Jepara is not mass product furniture, but the handmade product. The Jepara peoples are naturally born as carver or carpenter, they can make furniture with high artistic value. Although there are also many furniture factories and some of them are available to  produce furniture in large volume, but the product mostly are the hand work furniture instead of the machine made. 
The furniture factories usually do cooperation with the craftsmen and carpenter. The craftsmen are the furniture or component maker, while the factories are the coordinator and quality controller. Since each artisan usually has limitations in the facilities and manpower, then to the big order has to be shared with some craftsmen groups. This system help them to keep produce furniture with very competitive price. There also some factories that do all his order in house, but the Jepara furniture mostly are the furniture with art work. The modern technology and machines which are used as a tool to help speed up their work, not as the key in the production process.

hand painted furniture

The carved furniture could be the specialized product from this area. The Jepara people is born to be carpenters and wood carver. The  wood carving probably is the best in the world. They can produce a wood carved product with many motives with good details with very fine result. The furniture with heavy carving and complex model can be easily made here with very competitive price. The minimalist model can also be found but usually still with touch of art and handwork in the finishing.

gold finish furniture

The furniture industry in Jepara has good capabilities to do the wood finishing in many model. They are also available to do the special finish with lot of handwork if necessary. They can do the simple finish such as: wax finish or oil finish to the complicated finish.  Finishing with transparent colors to the paint finish with hand painted or combination with gold and silver color can be done.

antique classic furniture

There is also many furniture factories that produce furniture for outdoor uses. Garden furniture, from a variety of models and items ranging from chairs, tables, benches, etc. are available. Most of them are made of teak wood. Teak and mahogany is the most popular wood found in Jepara furniture business. The people here are very accustomed to dealing with the mahogany and teak wood. But now, they also are available to make the furniture with other wood species. The other local wood such as: mango, durian, mende, munggur are also start to be widely  used. Some factories also use the imported wood such as: maple, oak, pine, etc. and the wood products such as: veneer, mdf or ply wood. 

 teak wood furniture

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