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Crackle finish with latex paint (latex paint effect 2)

Crackle finish is special in the wood furniture finishing. Many people like this finish. In the furniture market there are many models of crackle finish furniture. Each has his their own  unique and beauty looked. In the previous post i have shared about crackle finish using the NC type material (crackle lacquer). You can go to our previous post: The crackle finish by brush and The crackle finish by spray.  
Now in this article i want to share the crackle finish with water base paint (latex paint). The lates paint will give different model crackle effect at the finishing. Actually there are many water based crackle paint that are available in paint stores can be used to generate crackle effect. Some peoples even can make their own crackle paint. But in here the crackle effect is done by the technique application of the latex paint. The crackle effect is created by heat the latex paint when it is still wet. The heat at the latex paint layer make the drying process is happened rapidly. The fast drying make the imperfect film built and crack finish layer is resulted.
This  method will produce crackle finish with the effect can be more managed and adjusted. You can choose the crackle effect on the part you want. The crack effect is resulted only at the heated part. When the paint drying normally, it won't crack and keep form a smooth finish. The crackle effect resulted is usually in the smaller size and less dramatic then the crackle from crackle paint or crackle lacquer. The crackle depend on the speed of the drying which can be controlled by the temperature of the hot gun, the speed of gun movement and also the latex paint thickness.

The finishing process to make crackle finish with latex paint.
  •   Sealer application.
Sealer application is the first step to give protection to the wood. The sealer is used a first layer to avoid the too wet and pervasive latex paint into the wood. The solvent base sealer such as:  NC, AC or PU sealer can be used. Apply 2 coat of sealer by wet spray to overall surface. Let it dry and sand the sealer to make a smooth surface

 hot gun

  • Application of latex paint.
This is the step to make the crackle effect. Choose latex paint with desired color and do the process according to the effect desired.
Spray a wet coat of latex paint evenly. Spray 1 layer or 3 layer of latex paint, make sure you built enough paint layer to make crackle effect.

Turn on the hot gun and adjust the hot air temperature, then move the gun and direct the hot air to the wet latex paint. The hot gun will blow a hot air to heat the latex paint. The latex paint that get blown with hot air will dry quickly. The rapid drying process will make crackle effect on the dry paint layer. Adjust the temperature of the hot gun, the distance between the gun with the paint and the speed of the gun stroke.
Navigate to the hot gun
to the part where the crackle we want. The crackle formed is depend on the latex paint type, the thickness of the latex paint and the heating temperature of the hot gun. Make sure you got the crackle effect you want

crackle effect from latex paint
  • Application of sealer.
After the crackle effect is obtained then you need to apply sealer coat to protect the crackle effect resulted. Apply sealer 1 coat evenly on the crackle latex paint let dry and do scuff sanding on the sealer.
  • Glaze application
If an antique appearance is needed, then a glaze can be applied here. Apply the glaze with brush, spray and wipe. Let the glaze fill and color in the crack to give more antique look. Give time to let the glaze dry 

 glaze make more antique at the crackle
  •   Top coat application
The top coat is the last finishing layer to provide protection to the finishing obtained. Apply a layer or two layers of top coat by spray coat evenly over the entire surface. For this finish you need the non yellowing lacquer with a low gloss to medium gloss

Safety in the using of hot gun.

The hot gun should be treated carefully. This equipment will conduce hot air when it its operated. The hot gun is contain an electric element that could generated fire. The hot air and the fire from the hot gun is high risk to make fire if expose to the inflammable solvent and finishing material. When you operated this equipment you have to keep away from the solvent and finishing material. Do the hot gun application outside the finishing room to minimize the risk of fire.

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